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  1. Interesting observation of myself.  Looking back at old videos and pictures from gigs and jam nights over the past 5 years I realised I don't have any of those basses anymore, I do however still own all the shirts.

  2. OMG! Jamulus actually works (kinda)

    1. owen


      Tell us more

    2. Teebs


      It really does!

      I had a test go the other week to try to pursuade the drummer to rehearse online - very impressed!

  3. Bah, post Christmas / New Year Mondays back at work are the worst!!

    1. Taylor Bitch-blues

      Taylor Bitch-blues

      Ah-ha  ....,  my sympathies bass playing comrade,  I've been re-furloughed for the first two weeks,  so forcing myself to watch the   'Mandalorian ' in front of the woodburner.   It's a hard life i know, sigh.

    2. bassfan


      I feel your pain.... 😠

    3. Happy Jack

      Happy Jack

      Well at least the pain didn't last long ...

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