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  1. Studio Time Lapse

    Nice little vid we did whilst recording the other day. [media]http://youtu.be/E9zWaA0ljv0[/media] [url="https://youtu.be/E9zWaA0ljv0"]https://youtu.be/E9zWaA0ljv0[/url] That's a cranked almost to max Ampeg V4B by the way! 78 Fender Jazz -> 78 Ampeg V4B -> Orange OBC115 -> Electro Voice RE20 -> Neve 5305 Desk.
  2. FS: Fender Precision USA 1979 - GONE!

    How wide is the nut? I have a very nice black/maple 78 Jazz this would go with And whereabouts are you in Midlands?
  3. Barefaced 69er 6X10 with Roqsolid cover

    Whereabouts in Oxfordshire are you?
  4. Pedal Clearout (Overdrive/Fuzz left)

    haha! and thanks
  5. Pedal Clearout (Overdrive/Fuzz left)

    Make me an offer bump!
  6. Pedal Clearout (Overdrive/Fuzz left)

    Bump - Zvex and Lovetones only left.
  7. SOLD! Way Huge Swollen Pickle

    Maybe if I can move a couple more on first. I'll be in touch if it's still here then.
  8. SOLD! Way Huge Swollen Pickle

    Interested in a trade for anything in my effects for sale post?
  9. Pedal Clearout (Overdrive/Fuzz left)

    Yeah, I was using it perfectly well from a Diago with a green adaptor. Unfortunately I've removed this from sale for the moment.
  10. Pedal Clearout (Overdrive/Fuzz left)

    Bump for a few added
  11. Pedal Clearout (Overdrive/Fuzz left)

    Bump for a few reduced prices and free postage.