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  1. Thanks for the suggestions - I especially like the ratchet straps Just to close this thread on a positive note, here's a link to original Trace Elliot foot cups available from the USA: https://britishaudio.com/collections/trace-elliot-parts/products/trace-elliot-foot-holder
  2. I am looking to stack a couple of 210 cabs which currently have rubber feet fitted to the long side. I want to run them upright (stacked end on end) and I've been looking for a while for cups that fit to the top of the lower cab so the feet of the upper cab will sit securely in them for added stability. I seem to remember that some of the later Trace Elliot cabs had these fitted. Does anyone know where these can be sourced...? I have done a fair bit of searching but maybe I am not using the correct terminology. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Hi The dimensions of the cab (without feet) is: Height: 30.5" (77.5cm) Width: 20.5" (52cm) Depth: 16" (40.5cm) Weight of the empty cab is around 25 lbs (around 11kg) and total built weight, according to existing users is usually under 50lbs - the drivers are both neodymium and are very light. Hope that helps.
  4. Another price adjustment - now available for just £400
  5. Not the price though... Apologies for any confusion - my new price is £425.
  6. Greenboy fEARful 15/6 cab project available - includes most parts but requires putting together. I bought the cab (pre-built by our resident cab builder mrtcat) and then bought the two drivers and imported the crossovers from Leland Crooks (Speakerhardware.com) in the US. Includes unused Eminence Kappalite 3015LF driver & 18Sound 6ND410 mid driver, crossovers, a tin of Tuff Cab black paint, feet, handles, connector plate, corners, internal wadding - pretty much everything needed to complete - I just don't have the time to do it. Also included is a second low pass crossover which I had intended to use to build a Greenboy 15Sub to complete a pretty serious setup able to handle over 1kw. I may be interested in a trade with a Barefaced Six10 or a short-scale or medium-scale EB3 type bass - Epi Elitist or similar. Any questions, fire away
  7. Little red bumpet and a price adjustment - amp and flightcase now £175.
  8. Weekend bump - power amp and flightcase now £195.
  9. Trace Elliot preamp now sold. QSC power amp and rack still available...
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