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  1. I just have to say, when this was being updated, it took 6 months. And I got lucky enough to find another one being sold locally at a music shop during this time.... so I actually owned two of these for about a year. Didn't even hesitate, I missed having this amp that as soon as I saw the opportunity, I jumped First thing I'll be doing (ok, maybe second thing), is finding another one of these states side \m/
  2. I'm afraid I'm not entirely sure what you mean, not familiar with mains sockets in UK., but I think maybe yes? Here's a picture of the cable, I hope it clarifies
  3. Mint condition Vanderkley Aurora amp. Does not come with the original case, as it was falling apart, but the gator rack shown in the pics comes with it. Very nice sounding, very clean. It's also designed to be dead silent when playing, no loud fans or anything. Will ship anywhere in Europe. Will also consider partial trades for Darkglass Alpha Omega 900, Aguilar Tone Hammer 700, EBS Reidmar 750, Mesa Boogie TT-800. Here's a clip of the amp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZU1-e6irp1E Specs: Input for passive/active instruments, 0/-12dB. •5-band active tone control; •Low -18dB/+18dB @ 40Hz •Low Mid -15dB/+15dB @ 90Hz •Mid -14dB/+14dB @ 600Hz •Mid High -15dB/+15dB @ 4kHz •High -18dB/+18dB @ 11kHz •Loop with dry/wet blend. •Continuously Variable Damping factor to control speaker damping •Master volume •The pre-amp is built up from high-end, audio op-amps. •Aux in, Send/Return, •Transformer Balanced DI out, Pre/post eq, Ground lift, •Tuner out. •700 Watt @ 4 Ohm, 1200 Watt @ 2 Ohm. •Weight less than 5 Kg - tbc •h x w x d = 9 x 35 x 23 cm The power-amp is high-end class D with a switch-mode power supply. Pics:
  4. Up for sale is my favorite amp of all time, my Mesa Boogie Titan V12. I am really going to regret getting rid of this thing. It's a monster. It's so versatile, sounds soooo good with my supertwin cab, and everyone that's heard it has nothing but praise to sing to it. Just to be clear, I'm only selling it because it's rated for 220V and I'll be moving back to the USA this year. History of the amp, I'm the second owner, bought from someone in Germany. Although this is a black one, this one has had the power supply issues that the early ones had (they weren't only an issue with the silver faces). I had this repaired by mesa boogie in california, and the receipts for that. There was another issue that was repaired by a local shop, a transistor blew when I let a friend borrow it for a day , which I also have the receipt for. Anyways, it's back in tip-top shape. The original pedal is included, and it's cable (not in pictures, whoops). As is a box I had custom made by a guy in poland to control the amp via midi instead of using the controller. I will ship anywhere in Europe. Here's a link of a practice session: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/716899940 Specs: https://www.mesaboogie.com/support/out-of-production/titan.html And the pics:
  5. I recently got the Titan V12, and unfortunately also think I will be sending my in to Mesa HQ for their update Let us know what you hear from Mesa
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