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  1. How about £50? And I'm cutting me own throat...
  2. Bass related oxymorons

    "You play bass? Marry me!"
  3. Feedback for razze06

    Sold Marco my double bass strings, pleasure doing business with!
  4. P Bass Shielding Issue

    I shielded my pbass with graphite spray and made sure all the wiring and soldering is okay, but touching the polepieces still generates funny noises (apart from that, shielding was a huge improvement). Also, the bass is still susceptible to the poor quality of electric wiring in the place I play. So, I suppose it's normal.
  5. Helicore vs Zyex

    @D'Addario UK Anything to add?
  6. New Bass Setup

    Where are you based, mate?
  7. Feedback for rorysmith

    Sold Rory my strings. Everything went nice and smooth!
  8. New to Fretless - lined or unlined?

    Having lines and dots doesn't challenge enough to start using your ear - at least this is how I feel. One of the reasons I bought the double bass was to develop my ear, as my, nomen omen, precision bass made me too lazy. I developed thinking about notes as patterns on my fingerboard rather than sounds I need to listen to. I know it might be just me, but it still seems like a common side effect of playing on a fretted instrument. Considering the above, the choice should be dictated by the intention behind the fretless. If it's the sound or comfort, lined will do, but if it's general musical development and taking it outside ones comfort zone, I'd say go for as plain a fingerboard as possible. I'm not an authority on that though, just my own reflections on the matter. There's also a valuable lesson in the training wheels metaphor. Children struggle so much when the wheels are finally removed, because they need to get rid of all the bad habits they developed. I'm sure motorcyclists know what 'counter steering' is, but in general, after removing the wheels (or transitioning from the tricycle to bicycle) you literally need to start pushing the handlebars to the opposite direction than you used to. The conclusion is all cyclists make poor basists, or something, I don't know
  9. Helicore vs Zyex

    Hello, Could anyone help me understand the difference between D'Addario Helicore and Zyex? What I particularly would like to know is if Helicores Pizz are brighter than Zyexes and which ones feel lighter and easier for the left hand (comparing the same tension, Medium v Medium or Light v Light that is). I know strings sound differently on different instruments, but I could use some general guidance or ideas. Cheers!
  10. For sale set of D'Addario Chromes size 100-45. Only been one day on the bass. Trimmed to fit a standard precision bass, will also be fine for any other bass. I love the feel of them, but recording wise prefer to stick with ProSteels. Come in original packaging. Price includes postage in the UK, can be picked up in person in Edinburgh as well. Cheers!
  11. For sale used set of double bass Innovation Honey (90140H) strings. Used, but in great shape. Got them as an extra with my bass, but it's not quite my cup of tea. I'm sending them in the original packaging. The price includes postage in the UK, can also be collected from the centre of Edinburgh. Let me know if you need pictures or if I can help in any way. Cheers! PS: Now for £35 ☺