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  1. D'Addario Chromes flatwound strings

    Hey, sorry for late reply. Bought them in October 2016, played for less than a week. Been neatly packed (put back in the original packaging) eversince. I'm moving home next week and getting rid of everything I'm not using.
  2. Set of almost new D'Addario flats for sale. Thought I would enjoy them, but they spend only few days on my bass and then I decided to go back to roundwounds. They're cut to fit on a pbass, so will do just fine on any regular scale bass. Can be collected in Edinburgh or posted at buyers expense. Cheers! PS. Forgot to mention, they're gauge 100-45.
  3. Feedback for Sharkfinger

    Bought a Trace Elliot amp from Frank at a very good price. The deal went fast and smooth, and the parcel was very well packaged. Pleasure to do business with. Cheers, Frank!
  4. Useful software for bass players

    Surprised no one mentioned Musescore. A great alternative for Sibelius, can do tab as well I think.
  5. It might be just me, but I feel like articulation on flats is harder and less noticeable. Also, they produce less unwanted noise, such as fretbuzz etc. Because of these reasons, I'd rather recommend regular gauge steel roundwound strings for starters, so you can learn to mute strings you don't play on, and to articulate (vibrato, legato) well. Then start experimenting with other gauges and types of strings and see where it gets you.
  6. For sale set of flatwound strings for electric bass. Gauge .45-.100, trimmed to fit on a pbass (so should be fine on any other regular scale bass). They're almost brand new, thought I would need them for a project, but played only a few times before they ended up picking dust (figure of speech of course, as I store them neatly packed). Can be collected in Edinburgh or posted by RM. Cheers, Shamrock
  7. Minimal, decent multieffects?

    One more thing about the B3, it drains batteries like crazy, so best to plug it to an ac adapter.
  8. Which Headphone Amp Should I Get?

    Cheap option: Korg Pandora PX4D, should be less than 60 quid. Solid piece of equipment, lots of good tone options. If you can spend more money, I would recommend Zoom B3, works as an audio interface, comes with an oem Cubase, much more versatile than Pandora. As for headphones, would rather recommend Sennheiser HD202 than 201, but that's probably a personal choice.
  9. Odd response from P pickups

    Are you sure the A string is properly wound on the tuning machine? I mean so that its angle on the nut is big enough? (hope I managed to explain it)
  10. Earplugs?

    I've been using Alpine Music Safe Pro for many years now and I couldn't be more happy with them. Note that their price is much more reasonable (for such a simple item) than ones recommend above.
  11. Best in rubbish band or worst in great band?

    "If you're the smartest person in the room, then you're in the the wrong room." - I couldn't agree more with that motto.