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  1. I like Markbass gear even if it isn’t perfect. The classifieds have been a God send when I’ve bought and sold MB stuff. Has anyone else noticed the price of the new MB stuff from retailers slowly going downhill? You can get a brand new 210 Standard HF for £389. That’s cheaper than a lot on the classified/Marketplace. I hope the heads come down in due course. Source: https://www.richtonemusic.co.uk/product/markbass-standard-102hf-4-2x10inch-bass-400w-speaker-cabinet/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlduLguz_4QIVSbXtCh3v5QIeEAQYAyABEgKC0vD_BwE
  2. MXR Bass envelope filter in 9.5/10 condition. Sounds fantastic - the dry mix helps keep the bottom end going when you’re quacking the good funk. Velcro on the back as it was on my board but seldom used. Stripped my pedalboard back to bare essentials, so here it is up for sale! £110 £85 posted, or will knock a few quid off for collection.
  3. Return - that shouldn’t have happened! If you’ve got proof of purchase TC are good to deal with. Try the retailer and TC direct - hopefully you’ll be able to sort it between them.
  4. Thank you Reggaebass - It’s amazing, and no more bother than a class A/B amp, but with that gorgeous full valve sound.
  5. As I’m looking to free up some room in the garage, I’m happy to talk trades for basses around the same value. Try me! I will also be able to meet with in reasonable distances. As always, good offers considered!
  6. I’ve had this experiende myself - I bought the RS112s years ago from Thomann when they were cheap. Kept them as backups but they always had more use than any barefaced or Ampeg cab I had and sold on. They’ve always stayed. Maybe I should try an Aguilar shaped head first...
  7. Regrettably, I'm selling my Ashdown CTM 100 and Ampeg 410 HE SVT Classic. Ashdown CTM 100 with Roqsolid cover - was £750, NOW £675 I bought the Ashdown CTM from PMT in October and it still has 4 years and a half years of the 5 year warranty on it. It's an incredible amp and one I've been very glad to own - a tick on the old bucket list. I've used it a handful of times, probably 5 times maximum and I haven't reached the outer limits yet. It's in 100% condition, dry stored in the house and always in a Roqsolid cover. It can do the fat, valve warmth or the full Live at Leeds screaming. An astonishing head in A1 condition with plenty of the factory warranty left and bought from a high street retailer online. I've taken the hit on the depreciation so you don't have to! (Neon tape easily be taken off with no marks left behind. Although the controls took me a while to figure out so they may be useful starting out! Ampeg SVT 410 HE Cab with HotCovers cover - was £350, NOW £315 I've owned this cab for a year and it has been brilliant. Very punchy, cable of massive volumes and looks cool as hell on stage. A perfect match for the CTM 100. I bought this cab from Adam in IDLES, who is absolute gent, even if I didn't realise he was in a Brit award nominated band at the time. The cab has had a life, but is as solid as a rock and 100% functional. If you do some Youtubing of IDLES live performances from a year or so ago, this is the cab in background (in the videos before Adam scored a Fender deal anyway!). I have used this everywhere from 1000 capacity venues to the pub down the road and it sounds wicked. Gutted to be selling. Why am I selling? Well, I've bought a new car. And these don't fit. An oversight? Yes. But it was time to indulge my other passion and pass these onto someone who will appreciate them. These were bucket list items for me to own and use, and now I've done that, it's time to move them on. I'd be happy to split or sell together, and if they sell together I could let them go for £900. Based in Quakers Yard, South Wales. I'll struggle to deliver, so collection is massively preferred. Any questions, fire away! Sam
  8. Hi guys, In the next few months, I’m looking to upgrade my TC RH 450 and two RS112s to something a bit more Aguilar shaped. Ideally, an AG700 or TH500 head on top of two 1x12 cabs. Sonically, what are the qualities (or differences) between the lightweight SL series and the DB series? I see GS cabs floating about the classifieds as well, how do they stack up? My priorities lay with size as I have limited storage and transport space. Weight is less of an issue - modern 1x12 cabs don’t weigh tonnes and I won’t be moaning about a few kilograms. Or any other cab suggestions entirely? I can hear the ‘just be done with it and buy Barefaced’ but I’ve been down that route and it’s not for me. I’m pretty set on Aggie but unless someone can suggest otherwise. I play an American 5 string Professional Jazz trying to sound like Paul Turner (with 1% of the talent), with lashings of MM StingRay and a P bass with flats. I play an even split of DI to FOH with cabs for monitoring vs playing old social clubs and bars without any PA support.
  9. Markbass Nano is, in my experience, louder than the TC BH250 and just as dainty. Every time I’ve used a Nano, I’ve been very impressed. However, TC has the toneprint features which are half decent and good fun. Trace Elliot Elf isn’t too shabby either, and laughably small. I know none of these are valve-y, but small things don’t tend to be. Wildcard offering could be the Bugera BV1001T - a small-ish valve pre-amp class D? In terms of driving the speaker in the combo, you can unplug the speaker cable and power from the combo head and just plug them into the back of your spare head. The speaker cables on combos generally aren’t massive, so you may have to ‘perch’ the spare head precariously on the back of the combo. You could always unscrew the combo head if you’ve got time and slot in the spare one!
  10. Regarding if TC are replacing the RS line - I’ve been emailing TC support looking for some spares for my RH450 and enquired about any new series or updates to the RS series. As far as the person I emailed was aware, they are not looking to update the series, and they don’t seem to be giving any clues away if they’re going to be replacing it either. Shame, as they are great amps and cabs. The design is over 10 years old now, but still some of the best I’ve ever used. On a side note, did anyone else notice that all the TC pedals dropped quite suddenly in price on Thomann in January? They seem to have gone back up now, but TC must’ve been having a big clear out.
  11. +1 for EMG Geezer Butlers. I had a Squire Chris Aiken P bass which I bought as a project off Facebook. The previous owner had made his own loom and wasn’t the best with a soldering iron, so the tone pot didn’t work and it wasn’t great. Whacked in the GZR set as it came with a new solderless loom. Installation was easy, pots feel good and the sound... a fantastic, rich and slightly dark sounding with a big vintage nod. A fantastic upgrade with a very noticeable improvement in sound. Very pleased.
  12. Sire V7 Marcus Miller 5 string. Again, it’s not hate, but disappointment. I’d read all the rave reviews on forums and waited patiently as the back order was filled and eventually it arrived. I told myself it was as great as the reviews made it out to be, but I genuinely expected a £1000+ instrument for £300. What I had was a £300 instrument for £300. The neck finish was sticky, it had paint defects that had been touched up badly and the chunkiest neck I’d ever played. Sounded great and the EQ section was clever, but really it was very average. Maybe a tad below average, but the pickups and EQ helped it out a lot. Sold it after a year and after buying a Fender Jazz Professional 5, which is my favourite bass of all time. Also, Ibanez SR500. It was devoid of any personality. Despite its Bartolini pickups and beautiful finish, it was just a few pieces of wood with some wires attached. My Mexican Jazz on the other hand was pure magic by comparison even with a crappy bridge and pickups. You can change those but you can’t give a personality transplant. Lastly, G&L L2000. Technically brilliant, but hard work to play (awkward nut, chunky neck) and pickups that could set fire to preamps. Not hate, I just don’t think I was the right player for that bass.
  13. Very curious about these amps at this price. From your description, I’m gathering it be driven just a lil’ bit without having a pedal in front? And Is the compressor usable? And whilst I’m at it, what is the DI like? I remember the old Terror Bass having a DI that could set fire to desks made of brimstone!
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