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  1. I believe this cab used to be mine! Cracking rig and great price.
  2. Geddy Lee Signature Sansamp - Tech 21

    [quote name='Tech21NYC' timestamp='1488911451' post='3252891'] Geddy does not run the signal at equal levels which makes stereo (for him) a moot point. I don't think he even runs the Deep channel to his in-ears. That's really more the "DI" signal for the real low end the PA produces. Bass for the most part is rarely run in stereo. You can, but those lower registers are omni-directional which will not translate well in stereo.For a big live show, stereo is kind of pointless unless you can get the entire audience to somehow sit in the middle of the venue. [/quote] I think I was misleading by using the word 'stereo'. I meant to imply that I would have liked two simultaneous inputs and outputs so two different signals could be processed, just like you could do if you owned both the rpm and rbi. I have no interest in panning the signals. Regardless I'm sure you have produced a good product, just misses the mark for my niche requirements.
  3. Ashdown LB30 with headphones, possible?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but that dummy load box doesn't have any speaker simulation built in? If that's the case it'll be safe to use but you won't get any of the tone shaping effects that a speaker would apply to your signal. In other words it may sound a bit harsh if your playing the bastard dirty!
  4. Geddy Lee Signature Sansamp - Tech 21

    [quote name='Tech21NYC' timestamp='1488899531' post='3252759'] The two inputs on the back can be plugged into simultaneously but you can only toggle between them. This is because Geddy runs two wireless units so he can switch to a different instrument easily. The front input overrides the rear inputs for quickly patching in. [/quote] That's a shame! Seems backwards to me to not allow stereo signal processing when you have two parallel signal chains... But I suppose it is to Ged's spec not mine!
  5. NCD

    Thanks Merton! You've just saved me a few quid on a new speaker cable.
  6. NCD

    Does the one10 have just a speakon connector or is it a speakon-jack combination? I've just ordered one and can't find this info anywhere.
  7. Harley Benton Bass Uke

    I too have a factory second HB bass uke that I picked up for £40. It plays really nicely in my eyes and the fishman preamp makes it sound pretty tasty when plugged in!
  8. Geddy Lee Signature Sansamp - Tech 21

    Can the two inputs on this be used simultaneously for dual output basses?
  9. NCD - Barefaced One10 *REVIEW*

    Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but does this have a Speakon only connection or a 1/4"/Speakon hybrid?
  10. Thomann selling Harley Benton basses as 'Decoration only'

    Just received a HB kula bass, nothing wrong with at all and only set me back forty odd quid + p&p!
  11. Cardboard box (fits bass/guitar)

    Standard Thomman bass/guitar shipping box, free to anyone who can collect from Salford, Greater Manchester. Is filled with those cushioning air bags which may or may not be useful to you. [url="http://s89.photobucket.com/user/shinhoman/media/IMG_20160709_121747.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s89.photobucket.com/user/shinhoman/media/IMG_20160709_121753.jpg.html"][/url]
  12. Barefaced Retro Series with a guitar?

    I'm just interested if it sounds good with guitar
  13. Has anyone tried any of the barefaced retro series cabinets with a guitar and guitar head? If so, how did it sound?