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  1. [quote name='DrBike' timestamp='1414075221' post='2585557'] I've got tickets to see them next March in Brussels. It'll be a bit of a Roadtrip with the drummer from my band, we first met when working over there way back in the dim and distant 90s. Drive there, drink beer, watch band, stay over, drive back again the next day. What can go wrong? [/quote] That sounds awesome. hope you have a blast
  2. [quote name='Protium' timestamp='1413994975' post='2584603'] NSFW [/quote]
  3. Saw him at last years Bingley festival & me & my son danced to his energy. I'm so glad that's not the last time I will see him. I'm well chuffed for him & his family
  4. [quote name='dand666' timestamp='1413992063' post='2584538'] I think i have posted about them before, but we always based our look on Vintage Trouble. Looking sexy but with class lol [/quote] I get cha mate I do that too.. If only I was sexy
  5. I dont think this thread is really worship of the band, more the band has changed peoples ideas of what they can do with the bass. I do like their singles but not bothered with their album as I'm not a massive fan, but his bass sound has really made me wonder what else can be achieved with the bass guitar. To replicate that sound in a three piece could really make something amazing with the right application (Especially when you consider someone playing keys over that sound) .
  6. I'm finding the older I get the neater my clothes are becoming. In my late teens/early twenties I had long hair & was a full on thrash metal fan, then the hair got dread locked & then the baggy/Hip-Hop skater look, eventually the Hip hop look with shaved head. Nowadays I wear a shirt, a skinny tie, jeans & converse when I go out, I think having a strong style is better than the diluted jeans & plain fleece that most of my mates wear. I just think older guys who dress dapper look much cooler than ones who walk into pubs in a Motorhead shirt at 50.....just look a little odd to me. I'm getting a head start on my older style now, as I am climbing up the ladder to 40 so better get a move on lol.
  7. My less is more attitude sometimes gets in my way. I love holding notes & being the foundation but when I have the opportunity to play something more my mind goes blank, I'm now practicing scales everyday & trying to learn to improvise within those scales. I've started playing basic blues on guitar to widen my thinking but I still go blank on the spot......I have thrown myself way out of my own comfort zone by arranging a jamming session with two musicians that are way above me in terms of skill level, so I will see what I'm capable of......wish me luck guys as I'm papping me strides.
  8. Awww this thread answers a lot of questions that I was confused about with Fender, over the last 5 years I've picked up a few Fenders in shops & have been less than impressed. Especially when you consider the other basses that had a lower price tag that played much better. I often wondered what the fuss was all about because most I'd picked up was not great for the money.
  9. Duuuuude this is awesome. loving this track. it's now in my faves. let me know when your touring.....I'll be there like a shot
  10. God I have not listened to the Ozric's in years. Well played sir tip top ! I'm off to find some of my old Ozric albums now. cheers for reminding me how much I used to love these
  11. All very good stuff. God I wish I could get to grips with recording music. I keep trying but spend most of my time buggering about with kit rather than actually using it & then getting frustrated & giving up. I miss my old 4 track tape machine.
  12. I'm northern & often wear a bowler hat at festivals. thinking of getting a top hat next
  13. Thats a horrible story. I really hope she is ok. It sounds like an amazing thing that she has done to see her favorite band &it all went wrong for her. No matter what some of you have said (Some of you are real miserable gits) she made a simple mistake & some of you have showed no understanding or compassion towards a true fan of music. I wonder how many of you have even bothered to click on the recording section of this site to help & comment on other musicians work let alone travel thousands of miles to go an support a band who you love. My thoughts are with her, she deserves better than be judged for just being young & human. none of us are perfect & some of you have shown that with your over inflated self righteous comments.
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