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  1. Yes, I can do that for £12.50.
  2. Tech 21 preamp now sold. Asking £150 for the TC Electronic G-major.
  3. I would like to sell as a pair, asking £275. Cheers.
  4. The TC Electronic G-Major is a guitar multi-effects pedal featuring a plethora of tone controls and parameters. Featuring 100 presets plus you can create tour own sounds by tweaking the knobs. Create customized tones using chorus, reverb, delay, compressor, and pitch-shift. Produce studio-quality sounds with the simplicity of a stomp box with this rack-mountable pedal. Also features a built-in tuner.
  5. LowLife

    all SOLD

    PM sent re couplers.
  6. LowLife

    TC electronic mayhem

    PM sent.
  7. Is this the mini HOF or the stereo one?
  8. LowLife

    Feedback For 3below

    Sold 4u rackcase to Francis. A real pleasure, very friendly. Many thanks.