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  1. Regarding the original post, I've read the guidelines online which clearly state no visas are needed for less than 90 days touring in the EU (and likewise for those visiting the UK).  Quotes from various agents support this.  Not sure this is really a story or just a paper trying to stir up trouble.

    Anyway, back to looking at pedals and stuff...

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  2. 1 hour ago, Studio GC said:

    Wow! Quick reply. Many thanks! I found a Vintera Mustang here in the States for cheap, but the fretboard doesn't do it for me. Needs to be darker to have that vintage vibe.

    Haven't had the chance to A/B it with my American Performer Mustang, but it also cost half of the American model....maybe I'll learn to love the Vintera?

    No problem. I would be interested to hear the difference!

  3. Had one very briefly but sent it back as it was advertised as new but with shop damage.  Fit and finish was very good, comfortable neck (although I 'd be tempted to sand it a bit) and sounded...like a jazz bass should.  I preferred it to the Fender Pro I tried out but that was from a couple of years ago so not a scientific comparison.  I see they are available online for £999; I'd say give one a go!


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  4. Hi all,

    I'm after a decent sized padded bag / case with separators for storage of cables, leads, strings , IEM box etc.  The only one I've seen vaguely suitable online with 6 compartments is just not high or wide enough (only 8").

    Had a look at fishing tackle bags and DJ carry cases but nothing has caught my eye.  Any ideas welcome.  It would need to be at least 60cm long, maybe 25x25cm wide and deep with equal sized compartments. 

  5. SOLD

    HiHi all, my consolidation continues....  

    I do rather like this but I can easily manage with my long-scale instruments.  

    This is about 7 months old and in excellent condition, fitted with La Bella flats (RRP £40) and comes with a Fender deluxe gigbag.  The original roundwounds are included.  Cheapest I've seen online new is £750.
    I've lightly sanded and polished the gloss neck to make it easier to traverse.  Also, I've darkened the pau ferro fretboard to a rather more aesthetically pleasing rosewood colour.    It's a proper Motown machine and very easy to play!

    I'm happy to send more photos or do a video walkthrough should you wish.  Drop-off at a sensible distance from Bristol is fine or I can post at buyer's cost and risk.  I have a couple of other items for sale I can bundle in if desired.

    I suppose I can sell the strings separately if anyone is interested; they're the ones made especially for the Mustang.










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  6. SOLD

    Surplus to requirements, a superb signature pedal from JHS (check our their page and youtube channel).  It's a drive and fuzz combined with versatile EQ and options to stack the effects in the order you choose. 

    These are £300 new so this is a good saving. It's in great condition and comes with the original box.  
    I can post at owner's cost and risk.  

    The EQ makes this suitable for bass as well as guitar; check out the videos!

    Thanks for looking










  7. Hi all,imageproxy.php?img=&key=d49e236f730b63a2

    I got this to have as part of a home music room as a standalone from my bass rig, but I think a second Stomp will more than happily fulfil my hobbyist noodling needs.  It's in excellent condition and has a load of IR's, updated to Firmware 3.0.  

    I can post at owner's risk; I have a suitable box. Alternatively I can meet at a reasonable distance from Bristol.imageproxy.php?img=&key=d49e236f730b63a2

    If you have a Stomp you're looking to trade up then let me know.







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  8. 13 minutes ago, BassTractor said:

    Often, I prefer Tim Hardin's originals to their way more famous cover versions, and enjoy them deeply whilst people around me laugh...

    ...but "Misty Roses" from Colin Blunstone's first album "One Year" is something else, in large part because of the stunning strings segment composed by Chris Gunning.
    Not everyone's cup of tea, but it nearly rules my world.


    Had no idea this song of his was covered.  Mr Hardin was such a talent.  I think he died the same week as John Lennon, that news overshadowing his own demise.

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  9. 41 minutes ago, dmccombe7 said:

    How is the tension on them and did they affect the neck in any way with truss adjustment ?


    No tweaking required from the previous string set - I've had two different brands on before these and the tension seems comparable to both. Not exactly scientific but I don't think you'll need any adjustments.

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  10. After some considerable time faffing with buying, selling, rebuying etc etc, I'm pretty happy with this now. Was going to sell the GK but it's just too good; it's very handy for ease of carriage and when I don't need the Fender.

    My latest bass purchase is included. I can't see myself wanting anything else anytime soon 🙂



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