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  1. Excellent responses hahaha!. I sort of had the seed planted by the band we're touring with said that was their ideal setup but I think you're right, it would be a woolly sort of sound. I'm gonna give it a pass and save up for the barefaced Six 10 I so crave 😭 Cheers guys!
  2. Hello, Now I've tried to get my head around ohms etc and I thiiiiiiink i understand but I want to double check because I'm feeling pretty thick today and getting in a muddle. I have a markbass TTE500. It's 500W at 4ohms/ 300W at 8ohms. I am borrowing an ampeg 4x10 SVT which is 500W at 8ohms for my upcoming tour. I would like to add an ampeg B-115E to this which is 200W at 8ohms. Will I be able to safely drive these cabs with my amp to their potential? I'm wondering if the 1x15 might be driven too hard. Any wisdom or suggestions appreciated!
  3. Goddamit this is exactly what I'm looking for (and I'm only based an hour away from you) but I'm super skint. Good luck with the sale, hopefully I'll find £800 in the street today!
  4. I have one, I love it, so loud and so light, can testify to the excellence. Needs snapped up at that price! Good luck with the sale x
  5. Where are you based? Keep coming back to gaze at this dreamboat of a bass
  6. wish this was closer to home (scotland). Exactly what I'm looking for 😭
  7. devil rides out


    Bought a Mark Bass amp off Gavin, absolutely excellent guy to do business with, super helpful too. 10/10 would exchange money for bass things again. Cheers!
  8. Can I request some photos please?
  9. Bought the lovely "Homage" five string off Mark. Almost instantaneous delivery, and the bass was incredibly well packed. Great, honest guy to do business with plenty of advice. A+
  10. Hello all! Not a particularly scintillating topic I am afraid, but I'm in the market for a lightweight but fairly protected bag to protect my Ibanez SR755. I currently use this one- https://m.thomann.de/gb/thomann_e_bass_gigbag_premium.htm?o=2&search=1487617622 ...and though it's great and sturdy, and I'll take it to gigs etc, it is very heavy and bulky for weekly use. Just need something a bit smaller for my long walk to practice. Any recommendations appreciated!
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