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  1. On the hunt for an Ampeg SVT-VR!

  2. https://www.chrisaxe.co.uk/tuition A few online lesson slots available - please get in touch if interested!

  3. Online Bass Lessons

    Bass lessons for all ages and abilities, with a focus on the style of music you love.

    Whether you are a seasoned player or a complete beginner, I will work with you to tailor a comprehensive syllabus focused around your musical goals and ambitions, with a strong foundation of essential musical theory.

    Slap, fingerstyle, plectrum and palm muting; all techniques can be covered, as well as sight reading, scales and modes, ear training, critical listening and performance skills.

    Just want to focus on one genre or player? Not a problem - I can create in depth case studies of particular bands, techniques or bassists.

    About Me

    Credits include performances at 2000 Trees Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The Great Escape Festival and BBC Radio sessions, as well as several international tours and soundtrack work for film and television including Sky and Aardman Animations.

    Bass tutor at the British Institute of Modern Music teaching BA (Hons) Professional Musicianship.

    Editor of ‘Jamerson Analysed’.

  4. Looking for an old Hofner - preferably a Verythin or Senator. Anyone selling anything?

    1. yorks5stringer


      You could try posting in the Items Wanted lounge (if you have not done already)?

  5. Looking for an Ampeg SVT 212av... if anyone has one for sale please let me know!

  6. Now accepting new private students in the Bristol area - check profile for links to my work and message me for more details! 

    1. stewblack


      Highly recommended

    2. chrisaxe
  7. Selling my beautiful Fender Precision Bass - 


    1. discreet


      Very, very nice indeed. Especially the CS pickup which nails 'that' P-Bass sound perfectly. Me like!

    2. Kevsy71


      Agreed Sir - that CS pup has growl, thump and warmth in spades! GLWTS Chris

    3. discreet


      Mind you that B15 doesn't hurt, either. ;)

  8. James Jamerson Analysed - Darling Dear. New analysis and video! - http://www.jamersonanalysed.co.uk/2012/01/darling-dear-jackson-5-1970.html

  9. New Jamerson Analysed video - Darling Dear (1970) Jackson 5 https://youtu.be/5kg9_2teoA8




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    2. zranyard


      Mate well done that sounds really good, lovely playing. I love all Jameson's work that I've heard but this track, is as good as it gets in my opinion. 

    3. chrisaxe


      @zranyard Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it. Yep I have to agree - this one and For Once In My Life are just amazing. Hope you're all good man!

    4. zranyard


      Yeah I agree, so much to gain from studying those 2 tracks. I'm very well mate, hope all is well with you too :)

  10. New transcription, analysis and video over at Jamerson Analysed! Reflections by Diana Ross and The Supremes - http://www.jamersonanalysed.co.uk/2018/07/reflections-diana-ross-and-supremes-1968.html

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