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  1. Dammit, missed out: P Bass with different wood!
  2. I'm with him. P Basses from different years. P Basses with different string P Basses with different pickups P Basses with different colours P Basses with different wiring harnesses \ pots P basses with different neck lengths. Think of the opportunities you have to explore new territories in the world of P Bass! :-o!
  3. Michael Buble in Vancouver 2014
  4. It most definitely is a "No" and she works in a school where they harp on about "Health and Safety" all the time!
  5. I’m partially sighted. When I was a kid I watched a film called ‘The Postman Knocks Twice’ . In it the blind lady is being terrified by the baddie. He puts sharp knives into the waste disposal unit. Since then I’ve had a bit of a thing about sharp objects in sinks and such. Fast forward 50 years. Dishwasher’s cutlery baskets. Place the bloody knives in it blade down. Why the hell does the blade need to be upwards? Same goes for your missus’s blender blade. O, afte 30 years of marriage, can I get the message through to my missus🙄
  6. Lol. I should have known. I have a 50s Classic Vibe PB in the same colour that I’m going to have to move on soon. I’m a leftie and learning bass on a rightie is just not working for, thus the OB50 thread as they now make leftie PB 50s!
  7. I am seriously loving that colour. Nice job!
  8. Thank you fellow Lefties. Times are tight and as work is in jeopardy, I am going to go for the PB 50. ‘’The Dusty Hill looks a bit too relic’ed for me as well! your advice is greatly appreciated.
  9. Please? ive been trying to find a Lefty Precision base in a 50s style. I bought a Squier Classic Vibe 50s type PB in lake placid blue. It’s for a right handed person. As much as I love it, it just isn’t working for me. Any suggestions?
  10. Many years back I used to work on Devonshire street, around the corner from Radio London. Tony Blackburne was doing his record of the seem but the switchboard was broken so he said that the first 3 people to attend could be on the panel. I was the first. This song was one of 3 songs to be judged.another was (iirc) Don't You sung be Central Line. Lastly was Eartha Kitt, where is my man. When i heard the Eartha Kitt song and was asked to comment i was somewhat uncomplimentary. Tony Blackburn glared at me and then said "Well that' a shame because EartKitt is my special guest" I was shown the door.....
  11. I listened to Westwood in the old days. Always seemed like an odd accent to me but I enjoyed the music. Attended several concerts including this one; http://www.mikeallencapitalradio.com/home/ukfresh87-88/uk-fresh-86 I still listen to hip hop nowadays but I'm told I'm getting too old to listen to it nowadays! ;-)
  12. Looks like I bought my Classic Vibes just in time. Got an LPB 50s Bass of EBay recently and a 70s Jazz from Wunja.
  13. I am confused, cause I just looked at he website and found this: http://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Squier-by-Fender-Classic-Vibe-60s-P-Bass-Guitar-Olympic-White-Box-Opened/1RIM What looks like exactly the same thing for £399.....
  14. My nephew plays Saz. Interesting to watch. Bought one for our house, but i have enough issues trying to learn bass without adding more work to the mix!
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