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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Purchased a Boss Slicer pedal from Owen. Smooth and easy transaction. Highly recommend.
  3. [quote name='owen' timestamp='1493848936' post='3291339'] I certainly have the manual and am 80% certain that the box is in the attic. I will sort out a pic now. [/quote] Thanks.
  4. Do you have the manual and the box for this pedal (and a pic if possible)? Thanks.
  5. Just bought a Boss Phaser from Martin. Pedal is exactly as he described it and it's working fine. Fast delivery and excellent comms. Highly recommend.
  6. JezWynd

    Your bass

    [quote name='Andyjr1515' timestamp='1364046055' post='2021259'] Why thank you, kind sir (takes a long, low bow) It is a bit of a favourite. The weird thing is that it took about 1/20th of the time of my Jack Bruce Fretless tribute (see elsewhere in Gear Porn & Build Diaries), but to my eyes, looks just as impressive. Much of it, however, is to do with the magnificent piece of veneer - which I have NEVER been able to find anything close since. I can't even find out what it is. This is its natural (varnished) colour so it is close to Amboyna - but Amboyna has a very distinctive smell which this one didn't. If anyone out there knows what it is (or has something similar) pleeeease let me know In the meantime, thanks again, Big Stu Andy [/quote] It's a really beautiful bit of work. The contrast between the veneer, the pickguard and the chrome looks lovely. Here's my favourite squeeze.
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    Thanks guys.
  8. JezWynd


    Hi everyone. I'm based in Hampshire and have recently picked up the bass again after a twenty plus year lay off. Not gigging, not sure I want to, those boxes look awfully heavy, but having lots of fun and frustration at home as I attempt the Bach for Bass book. Initially I picked up a Hofner Cub Ignition to test the water after all those years. Promptly remembered how much fun it was and scored a Gibson SG bass (used to have an EB0 years ago and this was the nearest I could find). Playing it into a Laney Cub10 (really!) plugged into an Excelsior 15" cab via Keely Comp, POG2 and other odds and ends as the mood takes me. Hey Ho Let's Go...
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