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  1. Is it not against the rules to post an item for sale on here asking for the buyer to send money through Paypal Friends & Family? If not, it should be!! I see at least 1 scammer get called out on Facebook per week and it's ALWAYS because the buyer sent payment through F&F. 

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    2. owen


      I got scammed on FB. The whinging when his account got frozen made the whole experience worth it.

    3. Shambo


      F&F was demonised on here a while back after a couple of scams came to light and I was pleased when it was eventually unstickied. If somebody without extensive positive interaction and/or feedback on this forum wants to buy a bass from me and use paypal, then I insist of F&F. If they don't agree then I'l happily accept a bank transfer.

    4. Bigwan


      I use F&F all the time on here, but I wouldn't use it with a noob or somebody without previous feedback, and certainly not on Facebook...

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