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  1. Lefty Photo Gallery

    The 4005 looks great, I've been looking at these on Ali. Can I ask where you went for yours? currently around $350 from what I see. Did you have to change the pickups? or was it just set up tweaks? Thanks, Nodd
  2. Rechargeable power supply station....?

    I bought the Harley Benton Powerbank, I've run my TU-2, Platinum EQ, Soul Food and A/B with an I-pod supplying signal, all LEDS on for over 5 hours, only just going down one bar. I've also run it through a 3 hour jam, plus 2 hour gig and still only down one bar.
  3. Trubass strings have a lot less tension than Swing Bass etc. They have a wider vibration and rotation when plucked, I think you may need to increase the height of your action.
  4. Soundcraft ui12

    Its a great piece of kit. We had some software issues at first, but we've been using it for more than a year now. 5 piece band 2 x geetars, bass, harp, drums and 3 x vox. It works and works hard, judicious use of channels and inputs makes it extremely adaptable. Nice and quiet on the inputs, even thro effects, I'd recommend it. makes the cable runs easier too. We considered an upgrade to the U16 but really, we haven't needed to.
  5. Replacement P Bass Neck

    I got one of these for my Souped-up Squire P. I wanted the neck to be a close copy of my '75 Fender's neck. [b] [url="http://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/e11400.m1842.l5919/7?euid=26391ae516c9420bb5d39389dbb4877c&loc=http://payments.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewPaymentStatus%26transId%3D1205891128013%26itemId%3D231603794551%26qu%3D1"]60's L/H PB bass guitar maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, Kluson machine heads[/url][/b] £83, good quality, tweakable , good fit, cheaper than any other option I've seen and includes Kluson machines.
  6. Mesa Boogie worth the premium price tag ?

    I'd agree that the RRP of Mesa gear in the UK is eye-wateringly high. I doubt I'd ever by it new. However, the sound is immense, the power is muscular, the build quality is of an extremely high standard, and they are not fragile.
  7. I have one of these fitted, by myself, to an Eko fretless BA4, it sounds great. It was a reasonably easy job. It's loud enough on it's own, doesn't need a pre-amp
  8. I have both a 12" and a 15", both 4 ohm and a Scout amp. Firstly, I wouldn't regard the 15" with amp attached as an 'exceptionally heavy' combo, at just under 30kg, with the amp included. it is a bit unwieldy with the cab top strap, the 12" is much more handy to tote. I have added a pair of spring handles on the sides of both, which makes cab carrying easier, and for most, a one handed lift. I have separated the amp from the combo and carry it in a shoulder bag. 2 reasons: 1. its an easier carry 2. its a bit exposed to spills etc and not so easy to see and adjust in its mounted position. As far as the 12" vs. 15" issues. The 12", as you'd expect is a bit 'tighter' both in tone and spread, a touch too tight in spread, it needs to be positioned strategically to maximise speaker to ear transmission - to hear it enough! The 15" has a 'bigger' tone - neither flappy, nor boomy but more beefy and 'there'. and together? Well, 'immense' was the word used by a fellow bassist to describe the 'stack'. The comparison between the Walkabout 15" cab and a BF Super Compact Alex let me try was interesting. The BF was lighter, better designed ergonomically, a better spread of sound and a bit louder, but a different 'oomph' to it. Any way, what are you lot waiting for? WALKABOUT FOR SALE! what's not to like?
  9. Alternatives to Fodera

    You have to have a look at what Bernie Goodfellow of GB guitars is able to produce! There's a single cut in his workshop I saw a couple of weeks ago, it is absolutely stunning! He's based in Brighton - a top quality luthier, designer and great chap.
  10. I am in the market for a fidelitron, but a bit confused about the dimensions. I wanted to pop it onto a P for the Cabronita buzz, but it seems very narrow spacing, compared to your overall width the 48mm between centres E to G. Would you mind checking that? and the overall dimensions, even roughly. thanks, Nodd
  11. Recommend a decent AMP repair man

    [quote name='phil.c60' timestamp='1436283812' post='2816734'] Or try Mike Still in Lancing - top bloke and really knows his stuff. Google MJ Still or look on Facebook. He does repair class D stuff although he reckons that when it goes bang, a lot of it really goes bang, if you follow me, to the point of frying boards. Didn't put me off buying a LM3 though! [/quote] +1 for Mike at MJ Still
  12. OK, I'm in, worst amps: 70's Marshall 50W, I tried, really tried to like Ashdown in shops, at gigs and in rehearsals... just wool and thud. The worst speaker cab was a massive Marshall 1x 18" which blew its speaker every 2nd gig, but is still used as a car ferry on the Clyde!