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  1. romoe

    Feedback for GisserD (Darren)

    Darren is a top fellow. Accepted a € payment and shipped the pedal to Italy without any fuss. I guess experience is the key here. Thank you again
  2. bump Always open to trade offers
  3. Brescia, near the enjoyable lake Garda in Italy. Shipping it out to uk or elsewhere would be no problem
  4. Little price drop, here you go
  5. For sale or trade an interesting cab by GK, in great condition -single 12" speaker -quite tiny, weights like a feather, robust construction -ideal compliment to the mb 112 combo , but can be used stand alone with a rack/pedal preamp on the front (200w max output) -chained XLR output There are no tweeter/ horn, as you can imagine the cab has an old school flavour more infos: [url="http://www.gallien-krueger.com/112-mbp-specs"]http://www.gallien-k...m/112-mbp-specs[/url] Trades considered. Shipping included all over Europe [s]180£ / 205€ [/s] 170£ / 195€ Thanks for looking
  6. For sale or trade a mint g&l l2000 tribute in a beautiful tobacco sunburst with matched headstock Bought not so long ago, still in perfect condition but i don't like playing it as much as i thought I'm more of a fiver guy with regular 3 band eq Shipping included all over Europe, price is firm. 360£ / 410€ Always glad to discuss trades anyway Pictures: [url="https://app.box.com/s/muoea8bdtaeqmfsd9hr7see6m2thmbxp"]https://app.box.com/...hr7see6m2thmbxp[/url]
  7. romoe

    Torbass feedback

    I bought the nice Willcox Sabre VL bass from Tor. Since he shipped it from Norway to Italy, VAT had to be paid on top of our agreement. That considered i'm happy, and would deal with him again.
  8. Hi all Here's for sale a great sounding Noll 4 band on-board preamp. It's quite small, uses little power and gives control over treble, high-mids, low-mids, bass frequencies. The original preamp comprehends 4 pots, jumpers, battery, clip, eq module, output jack. If interested i can include the following bits i acquired separately to improve the flexibility of the system. -2x MEC double pots b50k/b50k for active eq , [b]with knobs[/b] - passive 250k blend pot -delano 250k/b50k pot (active eq + passive tone blend) Ideally i'd like to sell either everything altogether (£100) or just the basic preamp (£70). Tracked shipping to UK is included. Thanks for looking