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  1. SOLD Barefaced compact gen 1

    Hi, apologies to the people I didn't get back too on this, I replied to couple people but then I moved house and changed jobs at the same time as trying to sell stuff. Silly idea really as I had no Internet either. So... Cab is still here for those interested. Bump :-)
  2. Gen 1 compact 15" good but gigged condition with fitted cover. Don't think there's anything on the market this light that can go this loud and sound so good. Spec here http://barefacedbass.com/product-range/compact.htm Collection from Ivybridge or happy to meet at a reasonable distance. Photos to follow.
  3. Funk n soul, Latin jazz, gypsy, reggae, hip hop. 38yrs old, nice gear, good grooves and all the necessary chops. just moved to the area and looking for some cats. :-)
  4. Great weight and performance on these cabs. Definitely still my favourite 2x12 to date. GLWS :-)
  5. Where are you based?
  6. Is the Barefaced big baby 2 the best small cab?

    [quote name='chris_b' timestamp='1488629894' post='3250586'] Email Alex and ask. [/quote] I think I will. :-)
  7. Is the Barefaced big baby 2 the best small cab?

    I've just recently acquired an old gen 1 compact, whilst it's not quite the hifi sound I have been used to it was very usable. I was mega impressed with its weight and volume. It held its own at rehearsal with a pretty loud 7 piece funk band. I acquired the cab purely as a solution to having a dodgy knee and going up and down stairs all the time and it's weight to spl output had me so impressed it's got me looking into barefaced cabs.. I found the old compact a bit old school sounding to me if I'm honest so very interested in the bb2 if it can output the same spl as the gen 1 compact but is a bit more hifi sounding.
  8. Is the Barefaced big baby 2 the best small cab?

    [quote name='Prince_phil' timestamp='1488453726' post='3249037'] So I got the BB2. Ive just had one gig with it so far but it seems like a great cab. You do pretty much get out of it what you put in (although Im not sure its entirely flat sounding) so I can see why some guys might not like it. Its much more like a really good PA speaker (think D& than a traditional bass cab. This is good if your bass is being DI'd to PA so you get a more accurate result of what you sound like out front. I think I prefer it with the horn off though- theres no shortage of top end and I was using a passive j bass with fairly tired strings! It would take your head off if you were using an active bass with the treble boosted.. I definitely don't get the 'too much bass thing either'! Its makes you realise that a lot of cabs are just putting out mids and not actual bottom end- its great to hear the actual low end especially when the fundamental of an open e is 41hz! Will see how I get on over the next few months and how it copes with any dodgy sounding rooms.. [/quote] What band size situation and style of music are you using this cab for? I wonder how many people get away with using the bb2 in larger band settings. I used a fearless f112 in a larger 7 piece funk band and despite it sounding nice it didn't get loud enough.
  9. Anyone selling a genz benz shuttle 210? Would like one very much. The extension cab that is!!
  10. Sold. Greenboy fearless f210

    Indeed,it's a Very easy cab to move around..sounds luurvly too :-)
  11. Sold. Greenboy fearless f210

    Price drop. £700. lovely little cab
  12. Greenboy fearless F210. Now Sold. 4ohms, 25kg, 2x10 kappalites 3010lf 1 fatial mid 5" Tweet with variable crossover. Wheels on the back and top handle. Easy one hand lift. Comes with Roqsolid cover. This has been a well looked after cab and probably one of the loudest 2x10 cabs out there. Sounds brilliant crystal clear hi-fi cab that goes really tight and low. Superb for all basses especially uprights. Can't rate this cab enough, it sounds flat out brilliant, the consistency across venues and dispersion is superb. I used this for small /medium gigs / rehearsal, with various amps all in the 800w region and various basses, uprights, Eub, 5 string, fretless and each bass sounded as it should, no eq just pure fat joyfully bass. Collection from Liverpool or can arrange some delivery arrangement at buyers expense. [url="http://s1126.photobucket.com/user/rededshred/library/"]http://s1126.photobu...dshred/library/[/url]
  13. SOLD!! (Rob allen fretless 5 string)

    I've had quite a few offers now, going to give it 24 hours so if anyone is considering this now is a good time or is probably going to go..