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  1. I've got a start on e bay, if it goes ill be in touch
  2. SOLD Warwick Thumb BO 4 Masterbuilt

    Where are you based?
  3. Lovely bass, can't believe this hasn't gone.. have a bump on me
  4. FS/FT Warwick Thumb NT4 1990

    Hi, where are you based?
  5. Feedback for Razor

    Nice one Lewis, we'll meet again... all together now......!
  6. Feedback for LewisK1975

    Met Lewis on Sunday for a trade, my jazz for his jazz.. an absolute pleasure of a deal, and a pleasant couple of hours chat over coffee to boot! A genuinely helpful and knowledgeable chap, would not hesitate to deal with him again, Paul.
  7. TRADED - 2003 Fender USA 75ri Jazz FS/FT

    Agreed! My turn for the buckets of coffee next time ;-)
  8. TRADED - 2003 Fender USA 75ri Jazz FS/FT

    Pleasure to meet you today,top bloke, over the moon!
  9. This has caught my eye.. shame you not up for trades, p/xs
  10. I had serious gas for one of these before Christmas.. then went and bought my flea jazz. Never even noticed this :-(
  11. SOLD

    That's beautiful..