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  1. nice bass - do you see possibility to ship to switzerland?
  2. Hi this is a stunning bass. Would you ship it to switzerland and at which cost? what is the fretboard material? Rosewood or cocobolo? do yo have soundexamples? thx for your reply in advance. Truly keen to buy. Brgds rolf
  3. koval always has killer basses to offer and is a nice chap too 🙂 I already bought basses from him and can recommend him - this blade is very nice -
  4. nice bass - if you ship to germany what would be yr best price for it? thks brgds, Rolf
  5. hi you both and thank you for letting me know. unfortunately I am a complete newbie on basschat and somehow not in a position to amend the price. So if you guys reading this hit me with a decent proposition and we'll talk. no harakiri, just talk 🙂
  6. niiiice bass - shipping to germany? greetings from your swiss friend, and maybe some more detailed fotos to [email protected] - rgds rolf
  7. thank you lads for the nice comments. btw, this nice bass is still available - so if you are interested please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. kdrgs rolf
  8. thank you guys, looks even better LIVE.... :-)
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