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Shuker Singlecut 5 - 2014 - 3.9KG - Buckeye Burl - £1450 SOLD


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I recently acquired this fine bass on this forum. I've had a recent influx of 5 stringers and unfortunately they can't (or probably shouldn't) all stay. The workmanship and quality of this bass is phenomenal. It's also astoundingly lightweight (3.9KG). I may decide to hang on to this if my TRB-5P (also advertised here) sells.

This bass is in mint condition - looks unplayed. The frets look new. It's setup well and a super low action can be obtained without any buzz. 

The specs are documented in previous threads (see below). There is a discrepancy in the listed pickups between  previous sales threads however, as indicated by previous owner - these are highly likely to be ‘big splits’.

Key Specs:

34" scale

17-19mm spacing at bridge

45mm at nut


Buckeye burl top / Alder body / 5pc maple neck

Shuker Hiscox case included.

Preamp - vol (push / pull for active-passive), p'up pan, treble, stacked mid & mid freq, bass.

Description from Shuker website:

The Singlecut is ergonomically designed with a semi-curve top and heavy rear carving to make a very comfortable bass with no restrictions on playability. The upper bout continues to around the 12th fret and is carved at the rear to maintain a  slim neck profile. The added stability this adds to the neck means the lower bout can be carved in deeper to allow access to up to 26 frets and couple to the laminated and carbon fibre reinforced neck achieves a noticeable increase in sustain and harmonic content.

Original build diary thread here: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/196128-finished-shuker-5-string-buckeye-burl-singlecut/?tab=comments#comment-1926428

And previous sales threads:








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3 hours ago, woolf said:

The specs are documented in previous threads (see below). There is a discrepancy in the listed pickups between  previous sales threads however I'm sure they are Nordstrand Fatstacks.

Just a little more history on the bass......

When I owned the bass (2016 to 2019) I re-shielded the cavity, replaced the vol / pan / tone pots (the tone pots were rough to operate and felt scratchy), included the stacked mid-frequency control & circuit, replaced the knobs to all matching, new jack socket.....all with the guidance of Jon Shuker. At the time I checked the pickup type with Jon as there were no markings on them. He advised that if I removed the plastc casing and looked at the the coils inside, a single coil is the big single, a split 3 / 2 inline coil is the big splits and two coils stacked is the Fatstack. These were the 3/2 so are Big Splits. I doubt they will have been changed out since but if you want to double check its pretty easy with just a screwdriver.


3 hours ago, ZenBasses said:

Think it got a look in on Jons site as well 🧐


It's no 20 of his photos: https://shukerguitars.co.uk/basses/shuker-singlecut-bass/#images-20

If anyones looking for sound files I made some here just before I sold it : Dropbox - Shuker  Signal chain - if I remember correctly Shuker (probably bass & treble slightly boosted and new-ish strings (< 1 month) as I tend to restring a bass before I sell it. Then through a Smoothound wireless into my Demeter HBP-1 800D into a Berg CN212. There a little compression from A TC GMajor-II and then recorded live on my Samsung phone. Not done many recordings with my phone so some of the brightness heard may have been "enhanced" by a drop in bass due to the phones capability (just a guess). Overall I did find the bass produced a great articulate sound anyway due to the positioning of the pickups even when rolling of the treble you still got note definition.

Hope this helps.


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I had one of these and they’re incredible. In fact, I’d love to buy this one. Need to wait on a job. 

The one thing I’d recommend is that you use strap locks while playing live.

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7 hours ago, funkyfingers said:

Hi this is a stunning bass. Would you ship it to switzerland and at which cost?

what is the fretboard material? Rosewood or cocobolo?

do yo have soundexamples?

thx for your reply in advance. Truly keen to buy. Brgds rolf


Hi Rolf,

Happy to ship anywhere.

Fretboard I believe is Cocobolo.

Sound examples here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9q9ayu9xgdpuezs/AAAk97UgBXrFTUWHMK32ArH_a?dl=0

I’ll send you a PM to discuss shipping further...

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