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  1. Hi, I had dropped you a message last week already. Would appreciate a response. Thanks and cheers!
  2. Thanks. Resolved. A jumper fell off. John's support is excellent by the way! Even responded on a Saturday afternoon.
  3. Hi there, I hope this is the right section of the forum. May I ask if any of you experienced a similar issue with the Uni Pre (4 knob)? I have dropped an email to John East but it is Friday, and I am just keen to get this going before the weekend ends ... Upon testing the preamp I recognized in passive mode everything works well - clear tone from both pickups of my Sandberg VM5, both PUs soloed as well as blended at center detent. However, once switching into the active mode I do not hear the signal from the PUs any longer, perhaps very faint. I however hear a hiss that can be turned up and down via the volume pot and I can also EQ the hiss, if you know what I mean: Increasing bass is notable, changing the midfrequency while boosting the mids, etc. Hence battery is working, output jack is correctly connected, EQ (all three bands) is working - there is just not much signal coming through from the PUs. Changing the battery has no effect as well. Thanks and cheers!
  4. Meypelnek

    EBS Micro Bass 3!

    Hi there. The pedal (it is huge) was in the mail today. Will test it over the next couple of days. For now I will say that the first impression (sound via headphones, EQing, Gain Channel, tuner) is rather mixed, but let's see.
  5. I think this is a "California II, TM5". The TM2 5-string is a different model, with two humbuckers.
  6. Here's two pictures of the Häussel's I am going to install in my VM some time by the end of this week. My take on replacing parts of a guitar/bass is that: If something is perfect, don't mess with it and try to improve it for no reason. However, many luthiers throw in whatever third party vendor pub(s) they think will fit best. So why not disagree and go for another pub-brand if YOU think it will be a better fit? I would not consider changing the pubs of my Music Man Bongo since this is the heart and soul of the bass (in conjunction with the pre-amp). In a Sandberg with Delanos it's a totally different story, especially since they are more than happy to install Häussel's on your request by default.
  7. Over the years I have had a number of Sandbergs: TM, TT, VT and VM. Even one TM2 (with two humbuckers). When I think of Sandberg this is what comes to my mind: Plus: Great and flawless craftmenship, incredible pricepoint (here in Germany, for a German built bass), feels super comfy and plays like a dream no matter what model Minus: Not a big fan of the Sandberg Electronic's voicing (to edgy highs, too boomy lows), nice tone and pickup-blend though, not a big fan of the PUs they usually and most frequently throw in their instruments: Delanos with the huge Polepieces, Sandberg PUs with the huge Polepieces I however really liked the Sandberg Singles in their passive TT models. I did not have a chance to test the Sandberg Black Labels. As a consequence I have replaced the Sandberg Pubs in my VM5 with Häussels (another great German Pickup brand I can only highly recommend - they can be ordered directly with any custom built Sandberg). Models: They have quite a number of models in their still growing arsenal. I am not sure I do understand the popularity of the TM models which did not work for me at all, I assume mainly due to those Delanos. My favourite model has been the VT (eventhough equipped with Delanos per default) because of the PU combo. The VM and TT are next in line. VM and VT: I really like the reverse split-coil in the VM and VT as it is punchy and works well on its own. I however really do not like the 50:50 blend of Splitcoil and Humbucker in the VM. It just does not work for me with the Sandberg Pubs. Hence I always play it 60:40 (neck:bridge) which is a super fat, yet articulate sound. Can't wait to throw my just ordered Häussels in the VM. Those will hopefully allow me a decent split of the bridge humbucker (hum-free Jazzcoils) for various P/J configurations.
  8. Do you know what pubs are in there? Looks like Nordstrand. Thanks.
  9. Wow. Beautiful, especially with the extras. Keep it, man. It can't be wrong!
  10. One option would be to set the para eq at first position in the patch chain and just adjust the level of this effect according to the output of the basses you are using.
  11. [quote name='SICbass' timestamp='1507728293' post='3387534'] I could still kick myself for not trading for that SB5000 with you. What I fool I am 😡 [/quote] Haha. And what a fool I was to let it go. Miss it, really. Cheers!
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