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  1. Sorry just Seen this. tbh I have no idea I would assume the weight is pretty standard with these though and should be on the description with a google search
  2. Thank you for the confirmation I thought they might have stopped production. I have one just heckling pricing and availability. I hear what you are saying about other options but there is something unique about the MF and I love it but yes hard to control for sure
  3. That is me just trying to check on my pricing but lowest I can find is £500 online
  4. Does anyone know if theY have ceased production of the MF101 ? I am assuming they have but can’t find any definite answer. The site now sends you to 3 companies all of which no longer stock it. I cannot find anywhere new and noticed the second hand market has risen and now the cheapest I can find is £500. Any info appreciated
  5. Great Fender Jazz very clean used example only used for practice and not gigged. Have now moved to 5 string and with COVId basically putting all bands I was launching to the back burner it has to go. Shame fantastic bass info below: FENDER - American Pro Standard 2017 Serial number: US17054683 Production year: 2017 or 2018 Made in Corona, USA The Fender American Professional Jazz Bass Guitar, Natural features a classic alder body coupled with a maple neck and fingerboard, offering incredibly bright characteristics with clear, full-bodied tones, a sparkling high end and thick, firm lows. Its two V-Mod jazz pickups use a carefully selected blend of alnico magnet types, creating an incredibly balanced sound saturated in authentic Fender sonic characteristics. The HiMass bridge enhances string sustain and offers the choice between a string-through body or topload setup. The redesigned tuners feature fluted shafts to create the optimum break angle over the nut, increasing sustain and enhancing turning stability. Also featuring a black pickguard, vintage style control knobs, and a natural finish, the American Professional Jazz Bass offers the best of a modern design and combines it with Fender's legendary craftsmanship and expertise. A Classic Alder Body The American Professional Jazz bass features a classic alder body, with comfortable contours that every player will love. Alder is the perfect choice for a guitar body as it produces a resonant and balanced tone with plenty of clarity. It is also lightweight enabling the bass guitar to be played all night long without strain on your shoulder. Fender have used alder as their tonewood of choice since the 1950s, as the balanced response and slight upper middle definition make it perfect for rock and blues playing. Slim C Maple Neck & Fingerboard The bass’s maple neck delivers an incredibly comfortable and smooth feel with added tightness and cut to the guitar's tone, while its slim ''C'' profile offers an incredibly fast performance. The maple fingerboard enhances the neck’s bright characteristics, and provides a punchy sound when the strings are hit hard, offering excellent clarity with light to medium picking. The maple neck and fingerboard provides the bass with sizzling highs, firm lows, and a snappy attack in the midrange. HiMass Bridge As well as offering a wide variety of superb tones, the American Professional Jazz Bass also features a Fender HiMass bridge which improves every note’s sustain and resonance. The bridge’s design enhances the attack of the bass, creating a lively tone while offering either a string though or top loaded set-up. Narrow Tall Frets Another edition to the American Professional series are narrow tall frets, which are mounted on the maple fingerboard and provide incredible comfort when performing slides. Being slightly narrower than standard medium jumbo frets, the narrow tall frets are incredible effective for bending notes and playing chords with superb intonation. V-Mod Pickups The Jazz bass is fitted with a set of Fender’s V-Mod single coil pickups, which are a modified version of their vintage design pickups. Designed with a carefully selected blend of alnico magnet types, these pickups offer a high-output tone with vintage warmth. This setup provides the bass with an incredibly balanced tone saturated with authentic Fender sonic properties. Graphite Support Rods Posiflex graphite support rods run the length of the bass’s neck, adding stability while reducing the amount of warping that may occur from temperature fluctuations and humidity. This is a particular advantage to players who travel, ensuring the instrument is always ready to play at a moment’s notice. Bone Nut As well as offering the perfect tone and looks, the American Professional features a bone nut, adding to the classic aesthetics of the bass. The main benefit of a bone nut compared to modern materials is excellent resonance and sustain. A bone nut also delivers a very balanced tone, and will last a long time. In addition, this type of nut naturally self-lubricates and helps the bass stay in tune for longer. Elite Moulded Case The American Professional instruments are delivered in an elite moulded case, featuring body-hugging contours which hold the guitar firmly in place. TSA latches are also included for enhanced security and easy access. This durable case is also stackable for easy storage and transport. Specifications Model Number: 0193902721 Series: American Professional Body & Bridge Body: Alder Shape: Jazz Bass Bridge: 4-Saddle HiMass Vintage (String-Through-Body or Topload) Construction: Bolt-On Finish: Natural Neck & Fingerboard Neck: Maple Profile: Slim ‘’C’’ Scale Length: 34’’ Fingerboard: Maple Radius: 9.5’’ Frets: 20 Narrow Tall Inlays: Black Dots Nut: Bone Nut Width: 1.5’’ Electronics & Hardware Bridge Pickup: V-Mod Single-Coil Jazz Bass Middle Pickup: V-Mod Single-Coil Jazz Bass Controls: 2 x Volume, Master Tone Tuning Machines: Fender Lightweight Vintage-Style Keys w/Tapered Shafts Control Knobs: Vintage Style Black Plastic Jazz Bass Neck Plate: 4-Bolt Pickguard: 3-Ply Black Hardware: Nickel/Chrome Strings: Fender USA Bass 7250M, NPS (.045-.105 Gauges) Case Included: Elite Moulded Hardshell
  6. Selection of Bass Guitar Effects sold a package or split. All new in the last 12 months and never gigged expect the oc2 which i bought second hand and is glitchy on my bass (not tried on others). But everything for £1200 or: Moog Fooger MF101 - from looking today it looks like these are no longer available new - £399* *Currently on eBay for £500 https://www.ebay.co.uk/c/650162755 Boss OC2 - £85 TC Electronics Ditto - £45 Pedal Train Classic 2 Pedal Board with Hardcase - £85 . . . . Future Impact V3 (signed) Amazing Synth pedal - SOLD Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Bass Compressor - SOLD 3leaf Audio Doom 2 - SOLD Electro Harmonix Tri Parallel Mixer Effects Loop/Mixer Switch - SOLD Boss TU-3s Tuner - SOLD One spot CS 6 - SOLD
  7. FENDER - American Pro Standard 2017 Serial number: US17054683 Production year: 2017 or 2018 Made in Corona, USA Great Fender Jazz very clean used for practice but not gigged. Have now moved to 5 string.
  8. Watching this as I was thinking the same thing
  9. OPEN TO TRADES orTrade with Cash MARK BASS 210 CAB NICE BASSES 5 or 4 string Novation Bass Station
  10. Yes shocked They haven’t been snapped up but the market is terrible at the moment and a lot of musicians struggling to survive I guess. Mike is worshipped in the USA and talkbass but maybe less known in this country but yes his cabs are about as good as it gets.
  11. OPEN TO TRADES orTrade with Cash MARK BASS 210 CAB to match new combo NICE BASSES 5 or 4 string Novation Bass Station
  12. Just have to add the Doom now to fill the board :0p n ot had chance to try to yet family are home and was playing last night. Didn't; the FI had a tuner and purchased the other one a couple of days ago will stick with it I think The board sounds great but alot of noise when activating the MF101 in the chain blended with the FI it sounds epic though can;t wait to use the doom 2
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