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  1. Quevlar, the Squire - that was probably my '83 JV, going through the Orange/ Barefaced? If so, was good to meet you!
  2. Looking like I'll be able to make it - hopefully see you there!
  3. [quote name='Steve Browning' timestamp='1502279799' post='3350410'] Armed with that JV I trust? [/quote] Now that I'm down to a lowly 2 basses, it's got a good shot of making it!
  4. I've played a few shows with these guys, and they're top bananas - they're looking for a new bassist as their current one has left to focus on his career. Advert from them below - get in touch with them directly, but any problems let me know! I would, but am just too busy with my band + work to fit anything else in Checkout the video link for a taster! [color=#1D2129][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif] HammerJacK - Guildford based rockers are looking for a new bassist.[/font][/color][color=#1D2129][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif] Using influences from the likes of AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, G'n'R & The Answer we have created our own British fusion of classic and southern rock which has been accepted greatly across the UK and Europe.[/font][/color][color=#1D2129][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif] We are looking for a young (20's - 30's) committed/creative bass player who is happy with rehearsing and gigging regularly. We play up and down the country so weekend trips happen often as well as mid week Lon[font=inherit]don shows (plus local shows of course). Driving is essential as we rehearse in a workshop 30 mins walk/5 mins drive from Guildford train station (wouldn't want to carry your gear all that way trust me). We are just like any other band so we enjoy having a laugh and enjoying what we do, "work hard play hard" is our motto.[/font][/font][/color][color=#1D2129][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif] [font=inherit] Give our single "I can't change" a listen;[/font][font=inherit] [url="https://youtu.be/T2zzLccpc2M"]https://youtu.be/T2zzLccpc2M[/url][/font][font=inherit] If you like what you hear and want to audition please contact me on 07902031776 (call or text im easy but make sure its via my number as I'm not on here often).[/font][font=inherit] Regards Shane HJ.[/font][/font][/color]
  5. It's currently free, so it's in the calendar - can't promise nothing will come up before then, but if it doesn't I'll see you then!
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. My favourite out of the ones I've tried is the Dunlop Formula 65 - just seemed to do the best job & leave the nicest finish. A friend of mine who went to ACM had lessons with a guitar tech as part of his course. The tech just used bog standard Pledge for cleaning guitars - he said we used it for cleaning expensive wooden furniture, what's the difference with a guitar?
  8. Well, you can't dust for vomit...
  9. Or Cleartone: http://www.award-session.com/cleartone_cables.html
  10. I played the introducing stage a couple of years ago there, but could then only stay that night so only caught a couple of other bands. Highlight was some random guy buying us a round of shots not long after we'd played, with what he claimed to be his last £20. If it was... That's not bad going, considering it was about 6pm on the Friday! My keyboard player was at Minehead for this weekend though!
  11. Supporting him is a band called Stone Broken - get there to see them if you are going, great heavy rock band, nice chaps too (supported them recently!).
  12. I wouldn't bother. I've been using a Compact (8ohm) & 12ohm 2x10 as as my rig for the past couple of years in a blues rock band playing small/medium sized venues, and both cabs were a bit overkill & only used a dozen or so times. I'd happily gig the 210 on its own, and did on a few occasions. I've recently sold the 210 as I'm going to get another compact or big twin instead as I prefer the sound. But just before I sold it, I put the two cabs together & did an AB test with my 500w Markbass head. Leaving the settings on the amp the same, the two cabs seemed to output similar volumes - the 210 only slightly less, if anything. The Compact had a bit more 'boom' to it, but that's what the cab does so no surprises there.
  13. Playing this on Friday - anyone there, feel free to drop by Centre Stage at 8pm to catch Sugarman Sam & the Voodoo Men
  14. I played this last year - was great fun. If it's at Sheffield again, was a nice venue for it. If you like the bands, go for it - it'd cost you £10 alone to see some of those on the bill, more for others!
  15. Quite possibly - if it made it's way to Walbassist & Clarky at some point, then yeah!
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