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  1. Pretty much going to echo the feedback you already have. I have a Deluxe Active P from 04/05 and it's a total workhorse - I'll never get rid of it. That said, my two other Mex basses from 14-16, and another one that I have since sold have all arguably been better quality.

    Ignoring all of the above, go play it, if you can't play it but you're happy with the price on offer, buy it, and you can always move it on if you don't agree with it.

  2. Tech 21 VT Bass in excellent condition. Only gigged a few times, and still have the original 'tin' and all the gubbins that come inside.

    After £90 collected from SE20, or happy to ship at cost.


  3. One Korg AX10B multi-effects pedal for sale. Still in the original box, and in relatively good condition for the age.

    After £35 collected from SE20, but will ship at cost.


  4. Hi folks, it's been a while!

    I rather unfortunately have to let this wonderful instrument leave after 3 years of enjoyment. It's in perfect nick having only been played in the house, and comes with a spare set of D'Addario strings included in the price. I also have the original Wunjo receipt which I will pass on to the lucky buyer.

    Looking for £230, which is a steal given the current retail price of these things.

    Collection from SE20 is preferred, but happy to arrange a F2F in London, and will consider shipping further afield at cost.

    I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking, I've embedded one here (the uploader hates me) but there are more at the link down below.



  5. Very good basses in my limited experience. Played a couple on Denmark St previously, both super comfortable, very well built with a good range of sounds. I think the slider would be great in gigging situations where you need to quickly switch between sounds - there was a noticeable difference between each of the settings.

  6. [quote name='Stealth' timestamp='1451756695' post='2943161']
    Nothing putting me off the mex just wondering if i missing something the mex is top of my list

    My mistake! Had mine for a little over ten years now and it's never failed. The odd bit of wear, but nothing unusual!

  7. [quote name='Lozz196' timestamp='1451740130' post='2942956']
    The Nate Mendel Sig has a thinner neck than a regular Precision (not sure if down to Jazz width though), and there are a couple up for grabs on here at present as well.

    The Nate is slimmer than your average P, but as you say, not Jazz width. The American Special P-basses have a similar profile but I think these have been discontinued now, or they're certainly rare these days.

    A neck swap is a really simple job, especially if you buy a Fender licensed replacement neck (Fender, Allparts etc.)

    Out of interest, what's putting you off the Mexican Deluxe? I'm just curious because I have one and it's a great bass!

  8. Until recently I would've said a decent Precision, but I recently picked up a USA MusicMan SUB. I took it to a jam which ranged from punk through to funk through to mellow rock and I was able to find a tone for every track. Spot on.

  9. [quote name='spongebob' timestamp='1437927386' post='2830069']

    Hope this makes sense, but is it a clear sounding 8 o'clock? When I run my Orange (checked and it's 20w) that low, it sounds terrible. It's either too loud, or cutting out! I was thinking that a 40w would provide a clearer tone, even at a low level?

    It's clear enough for me! I think you're best off checking one out in a shop if you can, or if you're anywhere near SE London you're welcome to pop in and try mine.

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