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  1. I did wonder about a tree on the A - my MusicMan SUB has the tree on the A and D, with nothing on the G, I'm assuming because of the placement on the headstock being closer to that of the E.

    EDIT: In fact, the higher end Fenders have a tree on the A too. This is a US Deluxe Jazz:


  2. [quote name='PlungerModerno' timestamp='1432435611' post='2781460']
    Could be a few things, but given that it's on the A string of a fender style bass headstock - It's likely the result of, or made worse by, the break angle over the nut.

    Here's an extreme example of this (due to the A being wound up the tuning peg rather than down):

    Similar problem on the E here (I think). The A is wound farther down the peg on this one though - giving the A a more pronounced break angle over the nut:


    You beauty! I had cut the string too short so it had too few winds, and was almost perfectly straight over the nut to the tuning post. I've just popped a new string on and left it long enough for a few more winds a low and behold, no buzz. Thanks for the help!

  3. I suspect I need to do some work to the nut on my Hoppus bass. The A string has started to buzz something rotten when played open. There appears to be some travel in the string between the nut and the tuning post where the other strings are held firm. If anyone has any ideas as to how to fix it they would be extremely welcome!

  4. Nice! I've toyed with the idea of getting the Matt Freeman a few times, partly because I've listened to/loved Rancid for years, partly because it's the most authentic-looking 70's Precision you can pick up without dropping a couple of grand! The CV is VERY similar in terms of components based on the specs on Squier's site, so I'm sure you'll get on brilliantly with it.

    I look forward to seeing pics!!

  5. [quote name='AndyBob09' timestamp='1431986656' post='2777098']
    I was hoping to take it just so I had a decent little headphone amp to practice through.

    Take a look at the new iRig from IK - they have versions for Apple and Android devices these days so they work with most smartphones or tablets.

    Otherwise I think Vox just updated the Amplug with some new features which looked quite cool.

  6. [quote name='Lozz196' timestamp='1431789307' post='2775038']
    OK, the final update, I manged to get lucky and get an 8.1lb 78 Precision. So it`s 78s all the way for me, and am going to sell off all others in my herd to pay for it. Thanks for all the comments peoples, it`s been much appreciated.

    Win win!

  7. Some good suggestions already about how you could manage both.

    Personally I think you've highlighted exactly why you shouldn't sell the '78. It sounds better, and would be very difficult to replace/replicate.

    Your 2010 is the reverse. It would much easier to procure something from a similar era that will deliver the same goods should you change your mind at a later date.

  8. Sounds like a pretty good deal based on the new prices you mention!

    The Blacktop Jazz will give you a similar tone to the Hoppus bass, but a lot more flexibility by virtue of the second pickup in the bridge. This will help when you come to play funk as you mention in your first post.

    It's worth noting that the Hoppus bass has a pretty distinct tone as a result of the flipped P-bass pickup - it adds a lot more warmth to the D and G, and tightens up the E and A making them more punchy than a regular P. The Blacktop will sound more like a regular P.

    Edit: here's a demo of the Blacktop:


  9. [quote name='Coldflows' timestamp='1430166602' post='2758626']

    The craftsmanship is so good on them. Makes you wonder why they decided to put steel flooring on the miu subs.

    Maybe they had some left over after re-doing the factory :P

  10. [quote name='ColinB' timestamp='1430163014' post='2758584']

    Ah - you'll be wanting one of these then......


    A different, but very capable beast. If the used US SUB prices weren't so close to the new 'new SUB' prices I would've gone for one of these eventually.

  11. Thanks all. I recorded a little clip on my iPad earlier. Finger style, everything 'fully on' with a tiny bit of compression - although probably not quite enough on listening back! Hope you like.


  12. I picked this up on eBay, pretty much entirely on impulse. I've always fancied a Stingray shaped bass, but haven't ever owned one, and these US SUB basses seem to offer incredible bang for buck considering they can be had for Squier prices in the second hand market.

    Needed a bit of a clean up, some new strings and a tweak to the pickup height and then I was away. It sounds fat and funky like any Stingray should, and it feels genuinely top quality.

    The only thing that will take some getting used to is the lack of body contours. The previous owner also replaced one of the tuners with a Fender style thing which will be replaced with an original MM tuner shortly.

    All in all a stunning bass for not a lot of dosh!

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