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  1. Sold a G&l L1000 to Pat, everything was perfect! Recommended!!
  2. Here is a G&L L1000 manufactured in 1981 in the USA from the time when Leo Fender was in the company. The bass is almost 40 years old and has its wear marks, especially the most striking is the one that remains on the body near the neck from supporting the thumb there for years. Finished in green nitro, the crackle of the nitro can be observed in some areas. The adjustment and sound is perfect, without strange noises, the trus rod works perfectly and the strings can be adjusted with a very low action. It has new d'Addario flatwound strings. As a curiosity (and for collecting) it includes its original case, original allen key and even the warranty card and the 1982 invoice. This is an amazing instrument bought here a month ago, but I'm a 5 string guy... I'm open to trades, but only 5 string basses.
  3. I Bought a G&L L1000 from Luke and all the transaction has been perfect. Thank you!!!
  4. I sell a Bogart Sport to Wintoid, very smooth transaction and a great buyer. Than You!!
  5. It takes normal strings. To fit the strins is a very simple process, in the top of the neck the strings are fixed with a screw. It's the same method of a Kiesel headless that I have. I attach a pair of pictures of this part of the bass in detail: In this link there is a video that shows the string change in a Kiesel, but it's the same process:
  6. NOW 950£ For sale this high level headless bass. I bought it here (Basschat) in February and it's in an excellent condition. It's a very lightweight bass due to the materials of the neck and body (3.4 Kg). The specs: 34" scale, zero fret Rosewood fingerboard Blackstone body in off-white satin finish Carbon graphite satin finish woven neck Bartolini J/MM pickups with single coil/parallel tap switch on bridge pickup Noll TCM3 3-band preamp with active/passive push/pull on volume pot.
  7. Bought a SKC Bogart Sport 5 and everything has been perfect!! The bass like new, perfectly adjusted and very well packed. Thank you!!!
  8. Price 670 £ now included the shipping in Europe!!!
  9. For sale I offer this Warwick made in Germany in 1997. The characteristics are here (from a mail after contact with warwick): Year 1997 Month October Number 042012 Neck Wood Wenge Wood Fingerboard Wenge Wood Frets Bronze Warwick Frets Nut Just a Nut Brass Version Neck construction Bolt On Body 2 pcs. solid Maple Wood Surface Almond Sunburst Highpolish Pickups active MEC JJ Pickups Electronic active MEC 2 Band Electronic Made in Germany / 08258 Markneukirchen I changed the original bridge and tuners with black ones bought in Thomann, as you can see it has a wengé neck and the body is flamed maple. The only defect is that a screw of the pickups does not work, but they can be adjusted without any problem (4 screws in each pickup). Rockbag high quality soft case included. Shipping costs included, I will send in EU without problem. I am in Barcelona (Spain).
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