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  1. What Pre is in this one? Any other info you can divulge? Case? Cheers G!
  2. If I can sell my other bass I would be very interested in this! Can't get enough Shukers!! Cheers G!
  3. Was rather tempted by this bass myself... Remember seeing Eudes Beauty in the flesh when Jon was finishing it off when I went to pick up one of my Shukers.... Absolutely stunning bass in typical Shuker fashion! I think I need another Shuker in my life!?! Regards G!
  4. Cool... I'll attempt to PM you to discuss...
  5. I was keen on both, but with lockdown, Hereford is just not possible. Would you be able to post this last one safely? Cheers G!
  6. Where are you based, and pics will definitely help a lot?
  7. Almost identical to my one! A stunning bass I was very glad to get my hands on! Good luck with the sale!
  8. Where are you based? Assume they are 8 Ohm each? Any pics? Cheers G!
  9. Oh, and if I remember correctly, teh string spacing was 19mm. However, the neck is very flat and thin in depth, so it is very comfortable and easy to play. I've played 16mm necks that were far harder to play than this. I do not remember what the trim pot is for unfortunately? Cheers G!
  10. I'll fill in some blanks, as this used to be my bass... Jon built it as a display bass for a show in Germany back in 2003/4.... I purchased it while he was still finishing it off, so I got to choose some of the specs that were still to be decided. They are Seymour Duncan soapbars, and as far as I knew, the pre was also a 3 band SD, though what is pictured definitely looks more like Jon's own custom pre (I have Jons pre in my current bass too, and it is great!)? I had this bass for maybe 2 years or so, before Norburybrook bought it from me. In that time that I had it, it travelled to Cape Town and back. It was mint when it left my hands, and I believe still is in excellent shape. I only sold it due to an ongoing back injury, so the weight was too much for longer gigs, however, its not especially heavy for a 6, though by no means light. Wish I could have bought it back myself! The fretboard is Phenollic, so its very hard wearing, and gives off quite a bit of top zing to the notes. Woods are Burl maple top and back, Wenge body and neck, and Padouk fillets/stringers. The build quality is truly stunning, so much so that it inspired me to buy a further 3 Shuker basses over the years, one of which I still play today. This bass also featured on Jon's promo brochure for a while, on the front page. Hope that helps add some info. Its truly a stunning bass, up there with the best of them! Regards G!
  11. I'd have taken this already if I could have gotten to you, but currently not possible. Maybe I can make a plan soon?! Regards! G!
  12. Wow, thanks for the extra replies folks. I didn't get the notifications that they had even been left, so sorry for the late reply.... Lots to take in... Bergantino is another brand I'd like to try, but the cost puts me off as they are rather hefty in price.... Part of my problem is I tend to enjoy the visual appeal of things, hence why 'woody' basses are of great appeal to me, as I tend to pick up and actually play basses more when they look good too (not sure if this sounds too ridiculous) but I think this carries through to amps and cabs too. Markbass appeals to me on that front, with the yellow black contrast, and Vanderkley certainly tick that box. Bergantino while quite simple, are very elegant, and I do like them visually. Even PJB appeal to me as they are unusual and oddball. BF just don't appeal to me aesthetically. As for the type of person I am, I am a guy who knows what he likes, and makes it work for me, but I also do love trying new gear and playing around with things. However the budgets I have now mean that really isn't an option to keep changing gear. I also found that with the Markbass head, I really haven;t felt the need to upgrade at all, the head (and the 102 HF cab) have always done what I needed them to in every situation I've needed it. At the same time, I do feel like a visual change, even if it just gives me the same result tonally, though preferably at a more portable easier to manage size. I guess I am asking the almost impossible? Thanks G.
  13. Thanks Jacko... That's exactly the kind of thing I am needing... Balance wise, is the Trv123 still a warm and full sounding cab with clear (not brittle) smooth upper mids and tops? Which other MB cabs have you compared it to? Thanks for the replies so far folks! Regards G!
  14. Yer, that's kind of how I felt with the 102 HF... I'd often take the 151HR cab with me to larger gigs, but leave it disconnected, and actually just use the the 102HF on top of that (I am not a big fan of 15's, however the MB 15 is the best I've heard... Warm but tight for a 15)... I do however find the cab slightly cumbersome and want something more 'upright' if that makes sense? Hence the interest in the Traveller 123.
  15. And just for clarity, I do hope to get to compare a number of these cabs together at some place or another, though it seems the Traveller 123 is now very recently discontinued (or so I am informed), so difficult to find. Can only find online in random corners of the earth! That could make comparisons very difficult.
  16. So I have been playing through Markbass gear for the past 14 years or so, including 6 years under endorsement... I absolutely love Markbass gear, and generally only required my STD 102HF cab and LMIII head for any gig I faced. Always been happy with the tone and always found it easy to get that tone at a blink of a hat in any venue. However, I am now at a crossroads in life, where I am moving country. I have sold off my MB cabs, but still have my LMIII head. I am moving back to the UK where many many other brands are readily available.... When the MB K2 combo and Traveller 123 cab came out, I was immediately interested in them, as they offer a more compact solution, however, a full rig of both is just not affordable to me at this point in time... I also like to have the flexibility to add a second cab for some gigs and situations, so want to avoid a single 4 Ohm cab, even if initially I have to make do with a single cab... I've tried many brands over the years, but never found anything to out perform the Markbass stuff. Aguilars GS410 cab I did enjoy the tone of greatly, but at 50KG's, my back can't keep up with it! Otherwise nothing else from more mainstream brands has moved me... So do I... a) Keep the MB LMIII head and try pick up a Traveller 123 cab, and keep the rig simple until such a time I can add a second cab.... b) Sell the LMIII head and attempt to fork out £1k+ for the K2 combo, not really knowing if it will meet my demands... c) Keep the LMIII and grab a Vanderkley cab like the 210MNT or 212MNT (Always loved the look of these, and they get great write ups, however would pretty much mean a single cab solution for a good long time) d) Keep the LMIII and just find a used pair of 121 cabs e) Sell the LMIII and buy a 121H combo and additional cab f) Throw all caution to the wind and find some PJB's?! Stylistically, I mainly play lighter rock, acoustic rock and worship stuff, but have done anything from Coldplay to Metallica, and Blues and a spot of Jazz, so it does need to be versatile, or just have a tone that works for everything and anything. Looking forward to some positive input... Especially if any of you have tried the Traveller 123 or K2 Combo? Cheers....
  17. [quote name='chris_b' timestamp='1482224389' post='3198520'] A few years ago I saw a great sounding bass player using an LM3 with 2 102HF cabs. I've never been a fan of Markbass cabs but he lent me his back line on the gig and I liked it. . . a lot. [/quote] I actually think the 102HF is the jewel in Markbass' crown! Its been a fantastic cab in my experience. Regards G!
  18. [quote name='Lozz196' timestamp='1482223493' post='3198510'] My one question would be, do you DI to FOH? [/quote] Really depends on the situation and size of the gig? When I do DI out, its generally before the amp anyhow (most engineers here are very inflexible like that - even when insisting otherwise), but often I will play with just the amp to carry the tone (I prefer it that way were it can work). Regards G!
  19. Thanks for the views so far, all helpful. I also usually wouldn't consider stepping away from what I know and love, but as mentioned, I'm currently at a crossroads, and the endorsement thing is kinda in limbo (long story - and in no way Markbass's fault) and with spending so much money, I wand to make an informed decision. The reserved bassist in me wants to stick with what I know and love, but as I say, so much good stuff has been reported on the Berg cabs, that I simply cannot ignore them, and obviously PJB's marketing division speaks for itself (I'd like to cut through the marketing and get actual hands on opinions)! So that's kind of where I am coming from with at least sticking with an MB head, and considering another cab. I just wish I could try them all side by side first! Most likely I'll bottle out and go with what I know, but I have to explore. Regards G!
  20. Hey guys, So firstly, sorry if you feel this has been done to death, but searching has not provided the answers I am requiring, and I need your vital and valuable life experience..... I'm currently looking at buying a new rig. I have played Markbass for the past 10 years, and been an endorser for the past 5. I absolutely love the tone of the LM3 with the 102HF cab, but I'm currently at a crossroads...... I'm almost certain I'm going with an LM Tube 800 head (though am also looking at a PJB BG-400), but can't decide on a cab.... As mentioned, I love the STD 102HF, and may just add a second one to the stack, but the other options I've been looking at are the Bergantino HD-210 or the PJB Compact 8. Being in Cape Town, I can't try either of these out as they are simply not imported here (too specialised for this market)..... The Bergantino may be a little too costly with shipping and VAT etc, but I've read so much good about this cab I cannot ignore it? Is it worth an extra 25% to 40% more over the others mentioned here? The PJB gear has always piqued my interest, and I love the idea, but having no tweeter, I am a bit concerned about being able to control the sound as much as I'd like to? I tend to play with the 102's attenuator at around 10 o'clock. I'm also a bit put off by the fact that it is 4 Ohm, so limits me to this one cab (I like to mix and match as needed with cabs). Barefaced and Vanderkley were also being considered, but are just too expensive for me to be able to afford the shipping and VAT on top. Any decent advice on which way to go? Regards G!
  21. I'd have loved to take the 6 Pac but the shipping to Cape town would be somewhat silly. What is its actual weight? Regards G!
  22. I'd snap this up in about 5 seconds flat if I had the cash! Good luck with the sale bud! Regards G!
  23. [quote name='gsgbass' timestamp='1374337117' post='2147786'] I'm seriously contemplating adding the Traveler 151P to the 102P I have. Your set up is fantastic Sir. Local players are giving me the pros, and no cons of the setup. [/quote] I've never been a fan of 15's, as I always find them flabby and boomy, but I will say that this 15 is the best sounding 15 I've ever used. To be honest though, I'm looking to swap out the STD151HR for another STD102HF. That little 2x10 is just sublime, and amazing! I've played to a crowd of 400 strong with no PA support, using only that 102HF, and it handled it beautifully! I can only imagine a pair of them would be phenomenal! Haha! I like the 'surprised rig' comment! Took me a while to get it, but the coffee's kicking in now! Nice one! Regards G!
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