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  1. Yes 34" sorry forgot to include that in the specs.
  2. I am selling my Wood & Tronics Zoid 5. I am the first owner bass has been built in 2015. Two small blemishes (see pics) on the finish otherwise in pristine condition. Welcome to test the bass in SE London. £1850 plus postage. The specs are as follows: - Zoid 5 Neck-through B-G - 34" scale - 18.3mm string spacing - 3 piece maple neck with Kingwood fretboard - Alder toneblock with mahagony wings - East/W&T 3 band preamp - Dual Sonic Bridge Dual coil + Neck Single coil with Single/Series coil tap switch for bridge pickup - Weight approx. 4.3kg (9.5 lbs) - Flamed maple top - Ebony finger ramp
  3. Now sold I am selling my FMC Retrobass tube preamp. It is based on the Alembic 1-x pre as far as I know. Not sold anymore. Requires 12v 0.6 power. Great sounding uncomplicated tube pre. Doesn't have a DI out. Excellent condition. £200 plus postage. Here a video of FMC Retrobass and a pic.
  4. I am selling my Rodenberg GAS 808B NG dual overdrive in pristine condition. Based in South East London your welcome to test. £100 plus postage Here is a video with samples from a review
  5. Also went to the Gallery last Friday and it appeared they had a used Magellan 800 that had just come in, I think it wasn't listed yet on their web site. Someone was testing it while I was in the shop, not sure how that went. Might be in option to test it locally and get a used one if its still avail.
  6. What everybody else said - versatile, good quality and holding up well, reasonably priced, good features e.g. for silent practice and most importantly I like the tone signature and that it outputs the elusive "heft"... ;-) Made the same experience in regards to customer service, product queries are normally answered quickly by the boss himself. Lusting for one of these array cabs but thats a different topic.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Was also waiting for this release. Decided to skip for now also based on the shipping costs. If you buy direct from other pedal builders in that part of the world shipping costs tend to be around $35 give or take in my experience. Maybe this one ships in a golden box who knows....
  9. + 1 I had a few lessons (more lined up) with Ian focusing on technique, sight reading, rhythmic and melodic variations in the construction of effective bass lines etc and I am starting to see the benefits already. Apart from being a great and experienced player he is also a excellent teacher and a very nice guy. I highly recommend Ian as bass tutor.
  10. I have just added an FMC Retrobass Preamp to my board and quite like it for adding a touch of tube goodness to my signal chain. Its a tube pre based on the Alembic F-1X in a pedal format. Tonestack controls and three different voice settings, no DI. Here is a video demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ltk4FWhFG0 and more infos on the FMC website (in german) here http://fmc-audio.jimdo.com/fmc-retrobass-tube-preamp/. FMC is mainly known as builder of bass cabinets that are well liked in german-speaking bass forums.
  11. Very different heads, different voicing and VERY different price tags (the Magellan sets you back £500-£850 less than the other amps on your list). I have recently bought a Genzler Magellan 800 and I am very happy with it. It is competitively priced imo. For me personally the Magellan gets close enough to a lead slead in terms of response and weight of the notes etc.- ymmv. A lot of owners on Talkbass seem to echo that sentiment. There is also a test in the latest issue of Bass Gear Magazin which is quite informative [url="http://epublish.panaprint.com/publication/?i=312960&p=48"]http://epublish.pana.../?i=312960&p=48[/url] The drive channel on the Magellan is very useable,and fan noise is minimal but not as "inaudible" as lets say on Glockenklang Class D amps. You said you had an opportunity to test those amps. Did you not walk away with any preferences or impressions that can help you narrow it down? +1 on testing with your own bass and ideally even the cab(s) and some pedals you normally play.
  12. Lovely bass. I am also a owner of a Neuser Courage 5 and the playability and versatility of these basses is fantastic! GLWTS
  13. Sold a Markbass Big Bang to Ben. We met up so that he could test the amp. Very nice, upright guy (pun intended ;-)), great communication and smooth transaction. Highly recommended.
  14. Agreed that an instrument owned by a famous player is likely to fetch more. However, I would assume like in comparable situations (e.g. sports memorabilia) that how much more depends on the provenance (e.g. was the bass used on any recordings and live) and the authenticity of an item. Makes me wonder how this works in cases where there are no photos, or stories about the provenance of an item in the public domain. Proof of previous ownership is one thing but I would have thought its to a large extent the use of a bass that determines the value. I reckon people that consider dropping that kind of money will call the shop and inquire about the detailed history. For 16k it should have been used on SEMINAL Pino recordings....;-)
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