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  1. [URL=http://s34.photobucket.com/user/polyrythmmm/media/Me%20Playing/26092005004-1.jpg.html][IMG]http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d119/polyrythmmm/Me%20Playing/26092005004-1.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
  2. There was some Fender involvement although I understand they all came out of the heartfeld factory in Japan, there was a 3 or 4 year run in the 90's with Fender Labelling. I have such a one. It's a Fender Prophecy III bubinga wood and Maple skunk stripe through-neck. It feels amazing with a nice slender Jazz neck, it looks very ninties mainly due to the heartfeld shaped 2 and 2 headstock. It sounds exactly like a nineties active Fender PJ Special, because that's what the Electronics are. So that makes it a little drivey and crystaline and glassy sounding for most Fender fans. So overall I think it's NOT a bad bass, but it's definitely not a vintage sounding thing. Maybe better for Pop, Metal, and Contemporary Jazz.
  3. Hello everyone, pegman1 just drove up from the coast, came over to my place had a coffee and bought my Ampeg 2x10HE Classic Cabinet. Deal with confidence. pegman1 is a real player who knows what he wants, and a really pleasant plain-dealing guy. Enjoy the cab man. May it prove ideally suited to your purposes for many successful years to come. Polyrythmmm in London.
  4. Shame about the replaced pick-ups and pots, but I guess sometimes they really are just done for.. I suppose you don't still have the no good ones lying around?
  5. Hiyya, I just bought a 77 Fender P bass from Busccini in Munich. Communication was good and flexible. He seems a stable, honest, and bass savvy character. Deal with confidence I'll post pictures of your old bass in action when I trot her out this year.. Thanks a heap, Polyrythmmm in London
  6. Yes this cab is still available I have been out on tour and offline for about half a year, but I would still like to sell this cab (which is in North London).
  7. Holloweazy just bought my Ashdown ABM EBO III Bass head. He's a really nice person, he knew what he was looking for, wasted no time, and I was pleased to have him round the house. Good luck with your festival season matey, chat soon D.
  8. Still here for some reason... Is everyone going big these days?
  9. Price Drop: £250. Okee Doke since 2 similar heads have been posted for sale on the same day I'll drop mine to match the price of the lowest. and that is an unhoused EVO II.
  10. No worries matey You hadn't committed to anything here, no harm in asking questions. I'm sure there will 'eventually' be another person thinking to scale down from a 4x10 who's after my nice cheap and portable 2x10. Enjoy the one you did find.
  11. N8 - Crouch End. And anytime that's good for you is good for me. Thank you for weighing in on behalf of the native population rrichard. Maybe you can tell us what that would be in 'stone' if that is the preffered unit for amplifiers? <") I agree it is a great little cab. Lots of clarity at the low end.. Great if you're into your clarity.
  12. It weighs 60lb, which is 27.2155 of your English Kilograms Not too heavy at all. Easy to get up on the shoulder for a short walk or climb. Fits in the front seat of my classic mini.
  13. Ahoy hoy, I have altogether too many bass amplifiers so I'm reducing the collection. This cab lives with me in North London, collection would be ideal, but we can discuss alternatives. Ampeg SVT 2x10 HE, classic series, bass cabinet, in good-used-condition, everything works as it should. 2x10 speakers with a level-adjustable horn. [attachment=135667:IMG_1989.JPG][attachment=135668:IMG_1990.JPG]
  14. Howdy folks, the thing is in very good condition, It's missing a small and irrelevant plastic mounting cover-cap on the bottom, as demonstrated in the pictures, and it boasts a little bit of dust on the upwards facing surfaces that's about the worst you can say about it, and I'll be happy to wipe the dust off for you. It lives in North London. Collection would be best, but we can discuss alternatives. It's been gigged and rehearsed a little over the last 2 years, but I'm very careful with my equipment, and everything works perfectly as it should. I'm the owner from new. I simply have too many amplifiers for one man to use, so I'm TRYING not to hoard. It's easy to dial in a sound on these guys, the EQ's are well ranged IMO, and it's a great amp, looks good, sounds good, doesn't break the back Although I don't guess that anyone here needs me to provide promotional material beyond the price and pictures, but most people seem to include the manufacturer's words, and who am I to break with tradition - Ashdown's blurb is as follows: The ABM 500 EVO III is a 575 watts RMS bass amp head designed to satisfy both bass-purists and tech-heads alike. Three straightforward rotary tone controls provide 20dB of cut and boost at 60Hz, 660Hz and 5kHz, and are supplemented by two pairs of additional sliders giving 15dB cut and boost at 180Hz, 340Hz, 1.3kHz and 2.6kHz. The EQ can be switched in/out by a footswitch, enabling players to go from a flat fretless sound to a boosted sound via a favourite EQ setting. A single input is switchable for passive and active instruments with a blend of solid state and dual triode tube preamps stages which can be preset and selected by footswitch, providing access to a massive range of clean, warm and overdriven tones. Also footswitchable is the on-board compressor and the mighty Ashdown sub-harmonic generator which precisely tracks the main signal and reproduces it an octave lower. A sub-harmonic level control enables the player to add just the right amount of low-end reinforcement - everything from a subtle, thickening of the sound to unbridled, bone crushing tone. The ABM 500 EVO III features a front-panel mounted balanced DI out with pre or post EQ switching, a sub-bass output, a tuner output, an FX loop and a line input for the connection of an external sampler or sound source. Output muting cuts the signal from the DI output but leaves the tuner output 'live', allowing the player to tune up in silence. A new upgraded power section has faster transient attack, more headroom and even less noise. OK[attachment=135660:IMG_1981.JPG][attachment=135661:IMG_1982.JPG][attachment=135662:IMG_1983.JPG][attachment=135663:IMG_1984.JPG][attachment=135664:IMG_1985.JPG][attachment=135665:IMG_1987.JPG][attachment=135666:IMG_1988.JPG]
  15. [quote name='alexclaber' timestamp='1219072784' post='264689'] Although this analogy is full of holes it does make some sense given a bit of tweaking. If you take a normal car onto a race track and try to achieve consistently fast lap times then your brakes will give out, guaranteed. Take that car back on the road and those same brakes will be more than capable of decelerating the car as required for many thousands of miles, even if you like to drive fast. Consider the amp the engine and the speakers the brakes - in normal use your amp can have significantly more power than the speakers can handle and you will never ever have a problem. Push your amp to the point where things are not sounding nice, just as driving a car fast round a track will seem rather brutal compared to driving quickly on the road, and you risk speaker damage. And just as a low powered car has enough power to wreck its brakes on a track, so too can a low powered amp wreck a speaker if abused. The wattage delivered to the speaker depends on the voltage output from the amp and the speaker impedance at that frequency. The voltage output from the amp depends on the voltage input to the amp from your bass and the gain within the amp. Play hard and use a hot bass with the volume on the amp set at 2 and more voltage will be output than with a quiet bass and a light touch but the volume set at 11. See the other thread about gain vs volume for more information. Alex [/quote] I'm pretty sure Alex is the first person in the thread to identify a pertinent issue: That speakers have different impedance ratings at different frequencies. I believe I understand correctly that this is the real reason why tube amplifiers appear louder for their wattage. They are able to output a variable current to match the changing impedance of the speakers over varying frequencies thus applying full wattage regardless of the frequency, which isn't true of solid state amps, so they have a fuller more balanced and efficient transference of energy across the frequency range. Does this sound correct? D.
  16. [quote name='Zenitram' timestamp='1367426562' post='2065552'] So there's being in a band, which is like being in a band, and there's actually being in a band, which isn't like being in a band, because it's not about being in a band, it's about actually being in a band. [/quote] +1 and as many ballots as I can forge. Amazing
  17. [quote name='Musicman20' timestamp='1367397566' post='2064994'] Totally understand you wanting a great reliable line up, but I agree with FM here. It sounds like you are asking too much. I've batted off 6 or so bands recently because they made me feel like I was auditioning for a job. Auditioning? For a really straightforward band?! Requirement that I MUST have a suitable car! C'mon, say that in somewhere like London, and people won't apply. I wouldn't ever consider taking 2 days out of my week for rehearals, unless I was obviously doing it on a professional basis. As a musician, I'm more than happy to have very few rehearsals, practice to the music at home to save cost/time, and just gig. [/quote] Firstly the car thing. Many of us Londoners have cars, that's why there are so many cars in London. admittedly there is a fairly high amount of commuter traffic but that doesn;t explain the 24/7 vastness of traffic in London. AND we get to 'steer' clear of the rush hours it's actually kind of fun driving in London after Gig down time. I play in bands in London and somtimes I'm the only bloke with wheels, is this frustrating? YES because no-one else is equipped to accomplish ANYTHING. They can't even move around. I have solved the over-reliance issue by moving from VW hatch-back to a proper old time mini "Sorry guys only room for me and my rig, and even that is creatively packed". The bands in London who can at least get there are by far the more promising 'gig wise' too, but in those cases, invariably, I'm the only one without a permanent day job. It's rare to find everything rolled into one batch of folks so yeah I guess, ask for everything. That's all in support of the wishlist & dream-building, but now.. Telebass. You ought to be be really nice and accommodating.. Build the plan call it a pro gig, build it and they will come. But recognise that you too have a bruisable-ego.. Your responses are as defensive as those who felt attacked, so I think you had better accept that with ego comes the will to succeed. Strip away the ego and you strip away the ambition. (generally speaking) I like to think many of us have the social skills to balance the two, but just leave it out entirely from the wishlist. If you mention it, it probably means it's a problem, and if it's a problem, it's your problem. In general though YES take the essential matters into your own hands, and build the gig (job done) amp power, ego's these are not gig issues these are your issues. If a guy who you have offerred the gig to on the grounds that he's perfect seems to turn up with a stupid looking stack to a jazz covers club gig well you have to make the call should you have allowed this guy into the band if the answer is yes even with his rig the rig stays until you can convince him it's silly. if the answer is no then why did you choose him?.. you know. distill it all distill it to the essential gig concerns and go to work end of.
  18. [quote name='LawrenceH' timestamp='1257846971' post='650407'] I think it more depends on the harmonic content of the individual note you're playing at any one time, since you don't output all notes simultaneously! I have been trying to get to grips with this sort of thing recently, and it seems Celestion use the 'traditional' method of calculating Xmax which is Xmax = (Voice Coil Length - Height of the Magnetic Gap) divided by 2. From what I've read this tends to give conservative Xmax estimates in comparison to other methods, including that used by Eminence which is based on the excursion at which 10% THD is reached. Ignoring the merits of one type of measurement versus the other, it still means that comparing different brands of speaker, eg Em v Celestion, is going to be like apples and oranges. More relevantly to you, it might mean that you've got a little bit of wiggle room. No-one's yet answered my question in the tech/repair forum about loudspeaker behaviour beyond Xmax (pleeease, anyone?!), but my limited understanding from t'internet would be that if xmax is reached at 150W LF, then an amp capable of 250w max is about right - it'll drive this speaker to full potential with enough headroom to prevent nasty amp clipping and you shouldn't get near the safety limits of the driver. That Celestion actually models quite well in small boxes (he says cluelessly playing with the pretty graphs in WinISD) [/quote] A Very Merry Xmax to everyone involved all the same. This is the most intellectual layman-decrypted thread on the matter I've ever seen. Thanks to BF and BC for the 'dynamic' you've created... I think I finally understand linear excursion, and driver volume limitations. Now if you guys could have a nice back and forth re: Apparent volume of tube watts versus SS, and how this manifests itself in the arena of driver calculations... ? ...
  19. Would you split it up? I'm only after the head, what do you reckon for the head? D
  20. Sean sold me a lovely Matamp 2x12 cabinet which is exactly as described. Great communication and a very genuine stand-up dude. Nice dealing with you Sean, Polyrythmmm.
  21. This bass is now mine, and I'm thrilled with it. Thank you! It's practically mint, one little bump on the bottom doesn't bother me, and zero buckle rash, little touch of play wear on the back of the neck, but all in all: it is beautiful. Punchy as it is growly, perfect compliment to the smooth soul of my Rickenbacker, handles everything that it doesn't. Neck is quite good, with the action dropped all the way down it's nice and low, no need to employ the micro-tilt. Might change the pick-guard to make it a little snazzier, but obviously I shall keep the real one. OK better luck next time slow buyers!
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