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  1. [URL=http://s34.photobucket.com/user/polyrythmmm/media/Me%20Playing/26092005004-1.jpg.html][IMG]http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d119/polyrythmmm/Me%20Playing/26092005004-1.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
  2. There was some Fender involvement although I understand they all came out of the heartfeld factory in Japan, there was a 3 or 4 year run in the 90's with Fender Labelling. I have such a one. It's a Fender Prophecy III bubinga wood and Maple skunk stripe through-neck. It feels amazing with a nice slender Jazz neck, it looks very ninties mainly due to the heartfeld shaped 2 and 2 headstock. It sounds exactly like a nineties active Fender PJ Special, because that's what the Electronics are. So that makes it a little drivey and crystaline and glassy sounding for most Fender fans. So overall I think it's NOT a bad bass, but it's definitely not a vintage sounding thing. Maybe better for Pop, Metal, and Contemporary Jazz.
  3. Hello everyone, pegman1 just drove up from the coast, came over to my place had a coffee and bought my Ampeg 2x10HE Classic Cabinet. Deal with confidence. pegman1 is a real player who knows what he wants, and a really pleasant plain-dealing guy. Enjoy the cab man. May it prove ideally suited to your purposes for many successful years to come. Polyrythmmm in London.
  4. Shame about the replaced pick-ups and pots, but I guess sometimes they really are just done for.. I suppose you don't still have the no good ones lying around?
  5. Hiyya, I just bought a 77 Fender P bass from Busccini in Munich. Communication was good and flexible. He seems a stable, honest, and bass savvy character. Deal with confidence I'll post pictures of your old bass in action when I trot her out this year.. Thanks a heap, Polyrythmmm in London
  6. Yes this cab is still available I have been out on tour and offline for about half a year, but I would still like to sell this cab (which is in North London).
  7. Holloweazy just bought my Ashdown ABM EBO III Bass head. He's a really nice person, he knew what he was looking for, wasted no time, and I was pleased to have him round the house. Good luck with your festival season matey, chat soon D.
  8. Still here for some reason... Is everyone going big these days?
  9. Price Drop: £250. Okee Doke since 2 similar heads have been posted for sale on the same day I'll drop mine to match the price of the lowest. and that is an unhoused EVO II.
  10. No worries matey You hadn't committed to anything here, no harm in asking questions. I'm sure there will 'eventually' be another person thinking to scale down from a 4x10 who's after my nice cheap and portable 2x10. Enjoy the one you did find.
  11. N8 - Crouch End. And anytime that's good for you is good for me. Thank you for weighing in on behalf of the native population rrichard. Maybe you can tell us what that would be in 'stone' if that is the preffered unit for amplifiers? <") I agree it is a great little cab. Lots of clarity at the low end.. Great if you're into your clarity.
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