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  1. Thanks to everyone who got in touch. I've had a few offers of help, so I think I'm sorted for now!
  2. I recorded a basic track of drums and rhythm guitar in a vague style of ZZ Top's TV Dinners while I was noodling the other night. I'd like to hear what it sounds like with a bass guitar, so I'm looking for a session bassist to do the honours. Please PM or email me if you can help, letting me know your rates. I thought I could put the track in a DropBox folder for you to hear/download. I don't do a lot of recording, but it would be good to have a bassist I could call on to provide the odd track. I normally play more of a country style.
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  5. Thanks very much, CrackerJackLee. I bought the book, and have been listening to the CD while driving for the past couple of weeks. I've just started to work on one of the first examples. Despite (or maybe because of) being a guitarist, I can see that some of the positions aren't what I would have expected, so some of the fingering is new to me. For example, my exercise in the key of A is based around the fifth fret, which will keep the bass in a more audible range. I just need to get more comfortable with playing bass, learn some of those walking in and out of the chord changes, and then work out something simple to go with what I'm playing on the guitar...
  6. I'm hoping to mess around playing/recording country bass over Christmas, so this thread is well-timed. I've just placed an order for "The Lost Art of Country Bass" as recommended above. I play guitar, but struggle when playing bass. I'm going to mess around recording a short tune which is in a Johnny Cash vein. The electric guitar will be doing some sort of alternate bass , and I wonder how the bass guitar will gel/clash with that. Do you generally play exactly the same notes, or would the bass drive things on a little more, and play additional fills? I listened to a tune this morning ("Just Because" by The Flying Burrito Brothers) which starts off with an alternate bass (with an interesting run - to me -from the 1-chord to the 5-chord) and moves onto a waking bass. I'd also be interested to know what sort of bass is being used, and how it's recorded. I can clearly hear the bassline in my old van, so it must have quite a lot of mid-frequency.
  7. Thanks for that. I'll give them a call or email them.
  8. Thanks. However, it's in the States, so postage, duty and VAT would make it too expensive. It also includes the pickup etc which I don't need.
  9. I need a replacement scratchplate for a Bronco - white, single-ply. I don't want to spend a fortune (eg £50 for a custom one). Are these available off-the-shelf anywhere? Thanks
  10. Just echoing what everyone else has said. I bought a gig bag from David – it’s as-new, was very well packed, and shipped straightaway. David was great to deal with, and very patient (he kindly allowed me some time to think about things even though he received offers after I expressed an interest). Once everything was agreed he posted it out and provided me with a tracking number, then followed it up when it hadn’t been delivered when expected (probably due to the Easter holidays). Thanks again, David.
  11. I'm usually the world's worst ditherer when it comes to choosing a colour, but in this case I have no hesitation in saying I'd go with the green, and maybe spray the headstock to match. I think it'd look good with the tortoiseshell scratch plate.
  12. I’ve only been on here are few weeks, but I immediately found it to be a very friendly and helpful forum. Almost straight away I mentioned to someone that ‘these bass players are a very friendly bunch!” I’ve already bought a couple of things from members, including my first bass, and had great experiences. I must confess that in an idle moment I clicked on a few ‘feedback’ threads, just to see if there are any monsters on here, but it got a bit boring after a while reading, “Great geezer – excellent comms, prompt payment – deal with confidence - blah blah blah”. Of course, the only people I neglected to check out were the ones I’ve dealt with, but they’ve also been deserving of glowing comments. I won’t give up my guitar, but I’d echo the thought that perhaps the nicer people are drawn toward playing bass!
  13. Yes, I saw that, thanks. I just had a mad notion when I woke up this morning that I might be able to skive off for a visit on Easter Saturday. I'd obviously have to get in touch with Jon beforehand if I decide to go, to make sure he'd be around. It'd be a fairly long trek just to have him check out my bass and change the strings, and maybe buy a Shuker case!
  14. That didn't take long - 9 minutes! Congratulations!
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