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  1. The bass is a Jap Duck Dunn with a humbuker pickup (not my doing) but makes this P bass a bit of a beast..
  2. fantastic! i did a show recently with him at the Norfolk showground, as you say a top guy, and he called me about these shows after that, so thats cool.
  3. This is a very nice bass, the bass line is just busked but was nice to give this bass a play.
  4. nice guy easy to deal with and great communication, thanks Rich.
  5. Hi, forgot what a great bass this is, just a quick recording, no preamp, its just the bass plugged in.
  6. We just wing these shows, no practice as a band, just turn up and do it, and in fact its the first time I worked with the drummer, and both the Elvis guys on this show, i was using the Warwick infinity, but a P bass is better for this.
  7. Great was not sure of the model..thanks for that ..
  8. Very nice not sure of year..a few bumps and lacquer cracks but the bass is fully functional and plays great. Graphite neck in excellent condition. No issues. Sale only please and it comes in a gig bag.
  9. As new with power supply. Can be posted at cost. Sadly no box
  10. New and unused just opened to look ..post via Parcel force 24 £15 extra .
  11. hi if anyone is looking to buy an inexpensive good electronic kit this is it it's fab from thoman. All the sounds are coming from the kit itself not midi. And the bass is my mint aria SB 1000 ri NT 5
  12. bass 1 KK double bass (need a clicky pickup to catch the slap) and 2 is my GB rumour the drums is the new millennium MP 1000 brilliant for under 1k! sounds from the kit not midi.
  13. Bass is in mint condition with case and all paperwork. Really nice neck very flat and easy to play. Rosewood top. Any lines etc are just reflections.
  14. It is very nice, if i have not decided to keep the Jack Bruce Warwick i think this would be staying here
  15. when we do these shows we never rehearse we are in different parts of the country, we just turn up after a brife chat on messenger as to what we are going to play...So far they have all been ok! Was using my Warwick Cream Jack Bruce reunion bass
  16. yeah exactly, this is set very low, if the action was up a bit be great for this sort of thing.
  17. hi it is mint, i only just pulled off the plastic on the P/G let me know what specs your after and ill find out..
  18. THATS correct thank you tone pump and solid maple. Maybe they are more desirable than todays models.
  19. Stunning and mint ..very low action flamed maple amber burst. I think these are about 2300 new. This is I think a 2003 but I will double check. Comes with hard case . Really beautiful. Great for slap
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