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  1. When I was looking for a great P bass, a shop owner insisted I tried a Pino. I'm not into signature basses (although a big Pino fan), and don't like fake ageing, so I was reluctant. But it was a great, great playing and sounding bass, so it came home with me. Unfortunately, in the 7 years I own it, I had to replace the pickup-height screws and just this week the bridge, since the rust rendered them unusable because screws were stuck and so brittle that pieces come off when using a screwdriver with a little force. So yeah, relicing can be pretty tedious, when gone too far...
  2. I bought a Darkglass Vintage Ultra from Roger. It was a smooth transaction; the pedal was as pristine as promised, and the communication was accurate and honest. Thumbs up!
  3. [quote name='such' timestamp='1454060480' post='2965826'] I raved about them to Paul Turner, and so did Paul Sips of Paul's Bass Matters who spent quite a while at that booth too. PT's got two now afaik. [/quote] In fact, this is Paul Sips (the dealer I mentioned) playing the bass I now own. [url="https://youtu.be/NSNs4g6rI2k"]https://youtu.be/NSNs4g6rI2k[/url]
  4. My favourite dealer is crazy about Stenback basses, so out of curiosity I tried a 5-string. Big and costly mistake... It felt, played and sounded so good... Like the notes jumped off of it, all across the strings and fretboard. On paper it's just a 5-string jazz, but it's so much more in practice. My MTD 535 (no slouch either) had to go so I could buy it. It's been a little over a year, and no regrets at all!!
  5. [quote name='Sibob' timestamp='1422134939' post='2669187'] Not really. A few people have cloned it as one-offs, but not added features. There's a few 'synth' mods you can make to it. The afformentioned 3Leaf Octavbre gets about 90% of the way there I think, with the synthy direct-less setting on another footswitch, I've not tried the Octavbre, but videos to me sound a little less subby than the OC-2 Si [/quote] I've tried it, and sent it back. It sounds nice, less subby as you describe. But it tracked very, very poorly with my p-bass. Where my OC-2 produces full, steady tones, the octabvre was very glitchy and unpredictable. I was very disappointed, because I really like the idea of a switch to solo the sub.
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