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  1. Stolen bass... Today I was given some old gear from a coworker who sold his house and is abandoning his studio.

    Among it is a hand built precision from the Netherlands. I had never heard of the builder so I searched google and found the man's Facebook page. I noticed he had 2 mutual friends. Posted him photo's of the bass asking if it is from his hand and it was indeed.

    I had also posted 3 pics of it on FB, stating I was handed this bass and I did not know the brand. It did not take long for the rightful owner to recognize his custom made bass which had been stolen from his rehearsal room more then 25 years ago! He showed me pics to prove it, and some social media posts from 2017 of him searching for his lost treasure.

    Today, I found him his bass and soon as I noticed it is his, I rang him up and gave him my address. Tomorrow he will pick it up. That will be quite a moment for sure!

    Happy days.


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    2. DiMarco


      Just imagine how you'd feel if your favourite bass was nicked from your car or rehearsal room.
      I did the only thing I could really. The original owner is one happy chap right now!


    3. jimbobothy


      nice one, they'll be very chuffed for sure 😊

    4. Big Rich

      Big Rich

      The burning question is...how did your co-worker come into the possession of the stolen bass?  I'd watch him if I were you.

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