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  1. cakerack

    Markbass R500 Bass Amp Head. **SOLD**

    Hi mate - is this still available? Where are you located?
  2. cakerack

    **SOLD** MarkBass TTE 800

    OK I'm interested! I'll drop you a PM...
  3. Hi All I am trying to source some replacement 1/4" jack socket nuts? Please see attached photo - the nut (not sure if there is a better description!) on quite a few of the sockets have broken off. There is a small part of the threaded part of this in the socket and these screw out easily. I don't really want to replace the whole socket if I can get away with it, but was wondering if anyone knows for definite where I can get these from? Thanks in advance Sean
  4. Oh by the way - just bought myself a pair of Omni 10.5s
  5. Hi Steve - i'll have these off you if they are still available? I've sent you a PM... Cheers Sean
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. Some interesting stuff there - I had previously considered pulling the head out of the TE combo and racking it, but its an awesome amp and its a shame to knacker it - but I could still be tempted... Also yeah I noticed the MBC115 was 32Kg - which is still 15Kg lighter than my Trace - but yes I agree its probably still going to be a struggle in the long term. I'll take a look at the cabs you guys mentioned and see what fits my budget, but once again thanks for all your suggestions Cheers Sean
  7. cakerack

    Enclosure/ case for TE GP7 head

    Hi - is it not 19" if you slice the tabs down through the holes on the left and right? If it is, it might be worth getting an engineering shop to do the cutting to save it looking like its been in a car crash. I was thinking of doing the same with my 4x10 GP12 combo as its too heavy for me as I reach my twilight years!
  8. So... I have to finally admit that my delicious 1980s Trace Elliot 4x10 GP12 combo is far too heavy for me! So I have been considering getting separate head and cab so at least I can lift it in the car. I have my head pretty much sorted but in terms of cabs, I have the chance of a Marshall MBC115 cab for 100 quid. Anyone got any experience of these? Decent price? Its in my budget, but was wondering if I should also be pairing a 2x10 with it as well. Or should I steer clear? Comments? Any help or advice much appreciated! Cheers Sean
  9. cakerack

    Spector NS-2000 shape fretless - COMPLETED

    Hi mate - what a great gesture! I'd love this as a project if its still available? My brother lives near Winchester so I could get him to pick it up for me if thats OK? Cheers Sean
  10. Sorry, thought I had updated this! Looking for 2200 GBP but open to offers of course! Cheers Sean
  11. Hi all - I'm selling my 2006 Jaydee 5 string bass :-( I have it on Ebay but happy to do a deal if anyone wants to do cash? Note that the bass is in Dubai but I am visiting the UK (Newcastle, Richmond (Yorkshire) and Winchester) at the end of this month so can meet up with it if that helps. Take a look at the eBay listing for details and photos and drop me a message if you are interested. Link is [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261081349899"]http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261081349899[/url] Cheers Sean