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    Feedback for Miki Groove (Miki Santamaria)

    I bought one of Miki's high end custom bass that he received and decided to sell that was posted here in Basschat. He is very honorable and a great guy to deal with. Communication was nothing but excellent and it couldn't of gone smoother. I know many other perspective buyers were drooling over what he was selling, but Miki was very patient with me until i got everything sorted out in my end. I would definitely recommend Miki and would definitely deal with him again if the situation ever presented itself again. Praises all around! It was a pleasure! Cheers, Jose
  3. kulit17

    Show your Wals... Appreciation Thread

    original order was inspired by this guy....
  4. kulit17

    Black basses

    my newest blackie! plus, i changed things up with my current Mk1
  5. kulit17

    FS/FT Wal Pro 1 Fretless 4 SOLD

    picture above is the second release of the Pro basses with the tear drop control plate: http://walbasshistory.blogspot.com/p/a-minor-diversion.html these ones were made with one pickup; either in the neck position or bridge. the only pickup position for the original Pro I or Ie were the neck position since Wal only had one control plate for both Pro I or Ie.... so just to comment, the one you own is an original Pro I, so where the pickup is now IS the original pickup position.
  6. kulit17

    Black basses

    here's my contribution.
  7. kulit17

    Wal specs

    interesting..... so Paul raised the deposit amount to £1000?? it'd been £500 for a long time. wonder if he changed this in lieu of the new standard pricing?
  8. kulit17

    Wal custom MK1

    wow great story and very peculiar looking Wal. would've ever thought of a banana Wal finish like that. congrats! looks like a 90's Wal....what year was it made out of curiosity
  9. kulit17

    Family portrait 2017

    @Doctor J love the 'Wick streamers in your stable!!
  10. kulit17

    Family portrait 2017

    it's a honduras mahogany.... unfortunately I sold that one a couple months ago.
  11. kulit17

    Family portrait 2017

    Already need to update, but this was taken earlier in the year Wals Rics
  12. kulit17

    Wal comparison picture

    [quote name='walbassist' timestamp='1498218054' post='3323178'] Not very, actually, as the cut out is only really at the front of the cutaway. You'll see what I mean in the picture below. I agree. Having owned many Wals of all three versions, a well balanced (i.e. no neck dive) and not too heavy MKI wins for 4s, and I'd go MKIII every time for a 5 or 6. [/quote] funny this is my Wal bass you posted here (second from the right)........ owning all three its a toss up between the Mk2 and Mk3. as mentioned, the Mk3 is more ergonomical and balanced, but to me IME Mk2 just has the bass in your face kinda feel playing it!! if i hadn't played and owned an Mk1, i would've said that.... just cause, yes it does have that iconic look, but picking them up and playing it.....hands down Mk2/Mk3...you'll understand - you're welcome!!