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  1. I think it says LN #9 on the little tag in the photo. Could that be the answer? CB
  2. Lovely bass. I have an almost identical instrument. Same colour, same age, same condition, but with maple fretboard and pearl block inlays. GLWTS. CB
  3. Ford (brand) + Fiesta (model) = Ford Fiesta. Reliant (brand) + Robin (model) = Robin Reliant. What? CB
  4. [quote name='Jack Cahalane' timestamp='1373030913' post='2132995'] Some more Friday afternoon pedantry: Should have, not should of [/quote] THIS! CB
  5. [quote name='AlexiaSpring' timestamp='1482766409' post='3202592'] THE MATCHING NECK TOO [/quote] Matching neck and headstock is standard on the Bongo afaik. Nice colour! GLWTS CB
  6. GLWTS These are great basses and someone will get a great bargain as I'd be looking £2k for my (admittedly near mint) XL2A. So many plusses: - small and easy to transport - immune to humidity - tuning keys don't get knocked around - stays in tune indefinitely - great fat sound - boomerang strap pivoted at centre of gravity means you can play all night without noticing CB
  7. Are you Marco from North italy who plays bass for The Mooncakes? CB
  8. Yep - the folding leg rests work well when playing seated. I can only assume the plug-in one is very similar. The boomerang strap attachment is pivoted about the bass's centre of gravity and this means you won't feel the strain of a long gig. At all. Really! Regarding active vs passive - I'm lucky to have one of each so I can compare. Both instruments are battery powered. The passive XL-2 needs the battery just to power the pickups. MattM is spot on re the controls on the XL-2. On the XL-2A, the active controls are Master Vol, Pickup Pan (with centre detent) and Active Bass/Treble boost/cut (with centre detent). As you can imagine, the XL-2A is slightly more versatile tone-wise, however, I'm so used to the XL-2 as my go-to bass that I don't use the XL-2A very much. I guess that says the difference is marginal. The main thing to get used to with a Steinberger XL is that, when strapped on, the first fret is further away than you will be used to (by about one fret), so your muscle-memory will take a little while to re-adapt. Anything else - feel free to ask. CB
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. I've now seen the 2 Musicman instruments advertised on the Bass Players Market UK facebook page (for £700 each) and on eBay (for £850 each). Why do you describe the Sterling on the Basschat advert to be "immaculate" and "looked after impeccably" whereas on eBay you say "There are some dings on the body. This is reflected in the very low Buy It Now price"? CB
  11. Your Sterling does appear to be in excellent condition (EDIT: now that I've seen the eBay ad, I'm not convinced), however, I think you are hindering your chance of selling it by describing the Stingray also to be in excellent condition overall and in excellent cosmetic condition. You've been honest elsewhere in the post, but these statements undermine the credibility of the entire ad. I bought a Bongo from a forum member. It was 10 years old and with only a couple of marks that I need to wear glasses to see. That is what I'd call excellent condition. Personally, I think the Stingray is in poor condition for its age. Just my opinion and I'm genuinely trying to help you re the Sterling because I have one myself and love them. CB
  12. I have two of these and can assure everyone they are absolutely fabulous instruments. Great for travel, stay in tune for ever, easy to wear for hours, immune to weather, consistent sounding all over the range and have a fatter low end than you've ever heard. A mad giveaway price too! GLWTS. If it doesn't sell at this price I will eat my hat (pictured). CB
  13. [quote name='mr.noisy' timestamp='1449319478' post='2922542'] Many thanks, I really wanted a trade but this is tempting. [/quote] I'm sure they would trade. They do sell second hand instruments. And I imagine your p-bass would be regarded as an easier sale. CB
  14. I happened to spot this Musicmaster for sale in Guitar Guitar Glasgow. Caught my eye as I owned a white one back in the day. You could get them to send it down to a store nearer to you. Hope this helps. http://m.guitarguitar.co.uk/Product/PX151121290907002 CB
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