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  1. Yep, I probably just got confused by that and the price etc. Apologies fot that. GLWTS CB
  2. These are great basses. Until recently I had two - now just the one. You’ve only quoted the serial number and photos for one of your basses though. What are the details for the other? GLWTS. CB
  3. To the seller - just start using the pivot and it will help with a couple of your issues: - the first fret won’t be quite so far to the left and - since the pivot pivots around the centre of gravity of the bass, the weight will take much less of a toll on you CB
  4. At this price, you could even view it as a “losing the cheat-lines dependency” trainer 🙂 Only small complaint I had about my Wilkes Percussive Fretless back in the day was that the body was heavy. Someone else will be able to confirm or deny my memory in that regard. CB
  5. You’re right about the slap plates - that was exactly their purpose. I had one of these in the ‘80s, mine being exactly the same but in black, and equally markerless 🙂 I believe the actual name of the bass was a “Wilkes Percussive Fretless”. CB
  6. I think it says LN #9 on the little tag in the photo. Could that be the answer? CB
  7. Lovely bass. I have an almost identical instrument. Same colour, same age, same condition, but with maple fretboard and pearl block inlays. GLWTS. CB
  8. Ford (brand) + Fiesta (model) = Ford Fiesta. Reliant (brand) + Robin (model) = Robin Reliant. What? CB
  9. [quote name='Jack Cahalane' timestamp='1373030913' post='2132995'] Some more Friday afternoon pedantry: Should have, not should of [/quote] THIS! CB
  10. [quote name='AlexiaSpring' timestamp='1482766409' post='3202592'] THE MATCHING NECK TOO [/quote] Matching neck and headstock is standard on the Bongo afaik. Nice colour! GLWTS CB
  11. GLWTS These are great basses and someone will get a great bargain as I'd be looking £2k for my (admittedly near mint) XL2A. So many plusses: - small and easy to transport - immune to humidity - tuning keys don't get knocked around - stays in tune indefinitely - great fat sound - boomerang strap pivoted at centre of gravity means you can play all night without noticing CB
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