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  1. Might an American Musicman sub 5 be of interest obviously with cash your way?
  2. I think you’re confusing slimline with thinline which is the hollow with f hole thing.
  3. Would a mex Jazz deluxe in cream with rosewood board and tort pickguard be of any interest? It's a nice one but I've got four Jazz basses and this was the most recent. Cheers, S.
  4. Any interest in a trade for an american mm sub5 with some cash your way? That is lush! pm me if it's a possible.
  5. Don't suppose a MM Sub 5 in back and some cash would any interest? O9
  6. osborne900


    Possible trade with a MIJ P in sunburst with maple board?
  7. Any interest in a jap precision in sunburst/maple with anodised guard with some cash your way? Cheers, Simon
  8. Hi Nick, I've got a Fenix tele with a maple neck in butterscotch with through body stringing in good order. Any interest in a trade obviously with some cash your way? Cheers, simon
  9. Bought a strat body from Richard. Excellent easy transaction. Cheers, Simon
  10. Hi Rich, Cool. I'll check my dimensions tonight. In the pics body no 3 looks to be in better nick than the other one hence the choice. Hardware not an issue. More later. Cheers, Simon
  11. Just bought the "chocolate orange" bass form Paul. All good, no problems at all. Thanks a lot, Simon
  12. osborne900


    Bought a Rivera 55/12 from Paul. Delightfully straightforward transaction. Deal with confidence.
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