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  1. Clear nail polish here. Put it on a couple of P pickups years ago. Works well & no adverse affects. For me it's to stop the slight 'pop' sound if my finger touches the pole piece; my strings aren't anywhere near enough to touch the poles. Pro tip: take the plastic covers off the pickup before glooping the nail polish on. that stuff will melt some plastics...
  2. Do you use ethernet plug extenders in your house? The things that use the mains wiring to transmit network computer traffic? I had a static noise on my LB30 - did the usual effects & jack cleans, changed tubes etc and it turned out it was picking up noise from the network extender thingies...
  3. Think the ones you need are to fit 1/4" shaft. These are the ones: https://www.stringsdirect.co.uk/parts-c4/knobs-switch-tips-c102/knobs-c794/fender-telecaster-precision-bass-chrome-control-knobs-2-pack-099-1366-000-p3522 Have a look on eBay too - usually lots of them on there.
  4. Yeah, that generalisation thing you keep doing...the old / the over 25s / the brexiters / the boomers / the Mail readers etc...maybe best not to do that, especially when the point of your OP seemed to be to decry what you claim is a lack of tolerance towards other lifestyles / viewpoints in evidence nowadays...you just end up substituting one set of lazy crap stereotypes for another...
  5. Fake. Wrong tuners, crappy transfer logo, pick guard wrong shape & too many screws, trussed hole wrong shape, no truss rod plug in headstock, body shape looks wrong (tho hard to tell from these crappy photos - could be lens distortion). And thats just for starters. Best avoid
  6. And another vote here for Ti Jazz Rounds. They seem really floppy at first but I found I adjusted quickly and now love 'em! They do promote a softer style of playing, but strangely still manage to sound big...not tinny / thin at all.
  7. Yeah, but that bad stuff's not gonna happen to us on BC anymore, is it Prowla? We've got you - thank christ - to look after our best interests and point out where the rules were being inadvertently overlooked. I can just tell already how everything's gonna get more thorough, more shipshape, more in ordnung now you're here to oversee stuff. Nothing falling outside the lines, no messiness, no surprises, like before you came. Thanks, Prowla. You’re a mensch and I just know yr gonna fit right in here eventually...
  8. Again, who are you trying to protect here with this proposed ban? Fender and their trademarks? An unwitting buyer? If the latter, as long as the bass being sold isn't being misrepresented this isn't a problem. If it is being misrepresented (e.g. a Limelight being advertised as a genuine Fender) this breaches the forums terms and will be pulled when its inevitably spotted. If the former, who made you the forum prefect? This is not your issue to police, nor is it the forum's; it's an issue between Fender and (e.g.) Limelight. This whole thread just seems like a pretext for you to alter what can be bought or sold on the BC marketplace just to suit the fact that you don't understand why / disapprove of someone putting the wrong logo on a bass. Your proposal is a drastic solution to an issue that - as far as I'm aware - simply hasn't been a problem on this forum and you're invoking some ill-defined 'protecting of innocent buyers' notion as a pretext for it.
  9. As far as BC is concerned, I think its sole ethical duty boils down to whether there's an intention to deceive a prospective buyer. The OP first raised this earlier today on an ad placed by a BCer for his Limelight Jazz bass. That bass is clearly being sold as a Limelight - not an original Fender - and as such imo there's clearly no intention to deceive a buyer. They know they're buying a Limelight, not a vintage Fender. And imo there ends BC's (and the buyer's) responsibilities. To claim that they must also be responsible for any future selling of that bass, possibly long after they sold it here, is nonsense. You wouldn't expect someone to be held responsible for the correct & legal resale down the line of, say, a car they sell tomorrow on autotrader, so why would you a bass? As for the ethics of putting Fender stickers on non fender basses; personally, I'm not remotely arsed about whether some huge corporations trademark is being infringed, and i'm surprised that anyone who isn't a corporate lawyer acting for one of those corporations could give a hoot either. Are we all gonna start acting as unofficial trademark policemen for private corporations we have no connection with? Seems a bit weird and cult-of-Apple like to me...:)
  10. [quote name='BassTractor' timestamp='1485640882' post='3225582'] That's interesting. So that might indicate they've set up a department for the UK that doesn't function. [/quote] Just to add my 1st experience with Bax; recently placed a smallish order and paid for 2 day delivery. To cut to the chase, order didn't arrive (they use Hermes who IME are sh1te), and I got ignored and generally fobbed off by Bax when trying to get them to chase things. I eventually had to resort to a PayPal claim to get my money back, which I won. Basically when things went south due to their crappy courier, Bax just weren't interested in resolving the issue, and I for one will be avoiding them in the future. The person I spoke to was on the end of a UK phone number fwiw.
  11. [quote name='rmorris' timestamp='1486375427' post='3231135'] Not sure how a Dremel type tool is going to really help. It can 'clean up' rounded edges but it's still taking metal away rather than restoring the original shape and dimensions... [/quote]
  12. ...oh yeah , and just to say that I didn't like feel of the foot switch on mine so I soldered in a non-clicky type of switch instead - works great: http://www.mattgallagher.uk/2011/07/replacing-the-footswitch-in-an-ehx-freeze-pedal/
  13. I've got one - love it & use it all the time for adding drones whilst i'm noodling. Its sensitive to exactly when in the envelope of a note you trigger it - if u trigger it during the initial attack phase you can get some strange effects out of it rather than the solid 'note' you were expecting...but this itself can be used to good effect. I use mine with guitar as well as bass - check out Bill Frisell who uses one to great effect on 6 string eg [url="https://vimeo.com/channels/235451/35664219"]https://vimeo.com/ch...235451/35664219[/url]
  14. Were you using a proper speaker lead to connect cab & head, rather than an instrument lead? The latter can get hot & melty if used in place of a real speaker lead...
  15. Wow...skinny frets & a zero-fret; looks amazing & bet it's easy to play. What's the scale length?
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