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  1. This video explains a lot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkRyIN3l9wg
  2. [quote name='BassTractor' timestamp='1442767251' post='2869317'] The sheer "you-have-to-have-a-Fender" tendency in this world is sooo mindnumbingly unintelligent and uninformed that if I ever buy a Fender, it will be after a long stern look at myself and in the secure knowledge that I bought it despite - not because of - what idiots say. [/quote] +1
  3. OK, I said in the first post that I determined that it is definitely the cable and no other part of my signal chain. Yes, I'm in a band. Yes, I know how to coil a cable the right way. Yes I have soldering skills. Yes, I have electronics equipment. Yes, it measures 36pF/m. Yes, I can hear a better signal and I'm in my 20's. No, I'm not interested in wireless at this point.
  4. No, I'll be keeping the cable. I don't bin perfectly usable equipment that just needs some work. As for the snake oil, I bought the cable having compared it first hand in the shop to others and I can definitely hear an improved signal quality. I haven't seen any of their marketing, but cable capacitance is a very real phenomenon if you know anything about electronics.
  5. [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1440700405' post='2853149'] I take it you are not a songwriter? [/quote] Yes. What's the significance of that? It's their practices that are highly questionable, not mine. [quote name='lowdown' timestamp='1440701457' post='2853156'] That's a bit unfair. Are you aware of what PRS do for Musicians and Composers, or why? It might be worth having a look here, it's part of what they do, and try to achieve. [url="https://www.prsformu...essarchive.aspx"]https://www.prsformu...essarchive.aspx[/url] [/quote] Had a brief read of that link. So it appears that they also work with other copyright trolls like GEMA, and lobbied against the [url="https://juliareda.eu/copyright-evaluation-report-explained/"]Reda Report[/url] in the EU which called for sane copyright laws. They also lobbied against peoples' rights to private copying in UK court. I see very little that they do [i]for musicians[/i]. They are lobbyists with a jurassic mindset and verified trolls through and through. It's exactly these kinds of organisations that welcome internet censorship, DRM, and the policing of everyone's connections and in doing so invading the whole public's right to privacy, all in the name of "copyright enforcement". I do hope SoundCloud outright wins the legal action against them.
  6. Ugh, freaking publishers. They're modern day dinosaurs. Parasitic dinosaurs. This is the kind of crap copyright trolls pull. From PRS' Wikipedia page: "In 2007, PRS for Music took a Scottish car servicing company to court because the employees were allegedly "listening to the radio at work, allowing the music to be 'heard by colleagues and customers.'" In June 2008, PRS for Music accused eleven police stations of failure to obtain permits to play music, and sought an injunction and payments for damages. In one case it told a 61-year-old mechanic that he would have to pay £150 to play his radio while he worked by himself. Plenty more stuff like this at [url="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PRS_for_Music"]https://en.wikipedia...i/PRS_for_Music[/url] EDIT: On further reading their page, they're not even publishers. All they seem to do is be a troll and collect fees when they feel entitled to. They're the lowest of the low.
  7. Thanks guys. It only pops very occasionally, but when it does it's pretty damn loud. I'll have a controlled wiggle (lol) and hopefully a good length of it is salvageable. If not, I'll just make patch leads out of it I did contact Elixir and they set me a pack of strings, since they don't make cables any more. All is well in the end.
  8. I was hearing popping sounds while I was playing one day, and by process of elimination I determined that the cable I was using has gone bad. It's an Elixir cable which really does sound fantastic due to its ultra low capacitance, and they don't make them any more. Now, I'm not experienced in bad cables, so I was wondering if this kind of problem usually happens at the connectors or along the cable itself? The reason I ask is that I'd like to try to salvage the cable by replacing the jacks, but if the problem happens along the wire then I may not bother.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fi3mCzmU8MY
  10. I was in a shop interested in a few pedals. The guy plugs them in series into a tiny Roland Cube with the power supply daisy-chained off a generic wall plug. Bzzzzzzzz. Beware of techs too. I went into PMT Birmingham asking if they could do stainless steel frets for one of my (non-bass) guitars. The tech said "No, they make you break strings faster". I facepalmed hard and left him in his hole.
  11. [quote name='PaulWarning' timestamp='1416846191' post='2614204'] bought a smoke machine from them once, came with a funny looking plug on it, had to cut it off and put a super duper UK one on, oh, and the bloody thing went up in the wrong kind of smoke after a year and a bit [/quote] They're standard European plugs. You can specify to them at checkout if you want a different plug and they'll send the extra leads. Gear going wrong after over a years use isn't exactly the fault of the retailer.
  12. I've always wondered if sites like these use pre-defined algorithms for everything that gets sent their way. In Sean's examples I can hear a hiss in the intro of the mastered track that wasn't in the original.
  13. [quote name='MilkyBarKid' timestamp='1416790461' post='2613684'] Don't forget the other benefits - probably 25% or more of your purchase price goes to supporting the ailing German economy. Cutting the retirement age to 63 years just isn't enough for those poor Germans. Please support German companies to allow the poor downtrodden German workers to have a further reduction in retirement age. Their roads are pretty poor too, and their cities and transport infrastructure are third world standard - they need all the help they can get. Seriously - I hope none of you on this thread are complaining about financial cuts in the UK!! [/quote] It works both ways: paying UK VAT directly supports a corrupt and dastardly British government. Pick your poison. At least Thomann have the great service, which is more than what can be said for many UK music shops. The Germans are doing something right, that's why people buy from them.
  14. Sucks the low end out. Good vintage Marshally distortion for a guitar though.
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