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  1. To everyone who contacted me - thanks so much for the interest. Marty was the first to decide he wanted it, so the bass will shortly be heading off to Austria. Thanks again guys, your enthusiasm for the bass is really appreciated. Also, I'll be sure to post pics of the build and finished product of the forthcoming Nordy VP5 precision bass as it takes shape.
  2. [quote name='mistahbenn' post='524039' date='Jun 25 2009, 07:16 PM']Nice! got any sound clips?[/quote] Both pickups full on Bridge pickup soloed Neck pickup soloed EQ set flat Just a quick clip to give you some idea of the sound [attachment=27730:Nordy_5_...ickups_1.mp3]
  3. [quote name='Higgie' post='523969' date='Jun 25 2009, 06:20 PM'] Oh Kev!! I've said it before, but I'll say it again - That bass is gorgeous. I seriously wish I had the cash for this one. Your green Nordy 5 is still the best 5 string I think I've ever played.[/quote] Thanks Higgie! The pink one actually plays even more effortlessly than the Surf Green one! The plan was to send the bass back to Carey to sell via his website, but I think it would be nice if the instrument could be kept here in the UK? Whoever ends up with the bass will be VERY happy, the instrument is a fantastic piece of equipment.
  4. Well, it's been a while since I have been here on the forum. Nice to catch up with what's been happening. As for me - well, some of you will already have seen the gorgeous Nordy VJ5 Carey made for me and which I took delivery of in April this year. Here's the specs: Alder body [b]Shell Pink[/b] Finish 2 x Nordstrand NJ5 "60's wind" Maple neck [b]Brazilian rosewood fingerboard[/b] White edge binding & dots Matching Shell Pink headstock Protec Contego gigbag [url="http://www.protecstore.com/Contego_Bass_Guitar_Case-details.aspx?CategoryID=74"]http://www.protecstore.com/Contego_Bass_Gu...x?CategoryID=74[/url] I am selling the bass, even though it is without doubt the nicest sounding and playing 5 string, rosewood fingerboarded, jazz bass I have ever had the pleasure to play, simply because the shade of Shell Pink isn't what I wanted. The colour is exactly the same as the vintage reissue Fender Shell Pink, but I was looking for a slightly different shade. Oh well. Plus, Carey is making me a 5 string P-Bass at present. The bass in this spec from Carey is currently $2,900 incl gigbag, then you have the delivery cost to the UK, plus the joys of our UK import tax (3.5%, then the lovely 15% VAT added on to the cost of the bass, shipping AND import tax - aaagh!!! I am asking £1,100 delivered in the UK. The instrument is in absolutely pristine condition - it is literally "as new" Any questions - drop me a line! [b]Tom Barney (MD / bassist for Steel Dan) playing the bass at the Jan 2009 NAMM show[/b] [b]Rufus Philpot playing the bass at the NAMM show also[/b]
  5. Great guy to deal with. Doug bought a set of Fender Somarium Cobalt Noiseless jazz pickups from me. Excellent communication throughout.
  6. [b]This CD is now sold - thanks for the interest guys[/b]. Okay, I have Tal's album for sale - £6.00 incl postage It's her own album and features Wayne Krantz, Geoffrey Keezer, Keith Carlock and Seamus Blake. The CD is is brand new condition, and is the genuine article - NOT A BURNED COPY OR BOOTLEG!! - anyone interested? I'll also throw in a burned copy of Jeff Beck's "Appearing live at Ronnie Scott's" CD as a freebie too [url="http://www.abstractlogix.com/xcart/product.php?productid=23258"]http://www.abstractlogix.com/xcart/product...productid=23258[/url]
  7. I bought a Fender Jazz while in New York a couple of weeks ago - Olympic White nitro with matching headstock. Kind of expensive, but looks great! Anyhow, Carey Nordstrand sent me some single coil vintage style single coil jazz pickups and I thought, "I'll stick those on the new Jazz Bass". The upshot being that I have a pair of effectively new Noiseless jazz pickups for sale. The pickups are completely unmarked, and the covers have a really cool and discreet "SCN" logo etched in the corner - far more subtle than the garish "NOISELESS" logo that used to be used in silver or gold. The pickups are stacked coils giving a nice rounded single coil growl, but without the hum you get from straight ahead single coil units. The polepieces are staggered also, with the A and D string slightly raised to provide a more balanced output across all 4 strings. So, anyone fancy giving these units a loving home? £40 for the pair including postage.
  8. PM for the following 3 issues re-sent matey Anthony Jackson / Ron Carter Mark King / Pino Palladino Mick Karn
  9. Has anyone heard anything regarding what is happening with these magazines? I have yet to receive a response to my PM
  10. PM sent re the following 3 issues: Anthony Jackson / Ron Carter Mark King / Pino Palladino Mick Karn
  11. Thanks matey - funds now sent You're a star!! Kev
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  15. I had one of those stacks!!! I sold mine to Graham from the American Guitar Centre a few years back. Honestly, if anyone out there is in a gigging band that plays larger sized venues, then this stack is simply AMAZING!!!!! For smaller venues it is still good, but you need to drive the head to get that gloriously warm valve sound = sounds like melted chocolate!! How much are you looking for? I am seriously tempted.
  16. Hi Simon - I am sure someone will snap the bass up very quickly. Do you still have the clips of you demoing the Nordstrand pickups in situ on this bass?
  17. MXR Phase 90 now sold. Only the RAK Octaver left - and that unit is on hold pending payment. Thanks guys!
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