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  1. [quote name='Japhet' timestamp='1446572630' post='2900481'] I've played a Stingray for years and recently acquired a Tokai Hard Puncher. The necks are very similar and the Tokai sounds more like a Precision than many genuine Precisions in my opinion. [/quote] That's good to know, I'll add that to my list of possibilities, although are they getting hard to find like the blazers? That blazer was closest thing I have found so far, but haven't found one for sale. Were they made in the same factory?
  2. [quote name='Lozz196' timestamp='1446570172' post='2900436'] Good advice there - I don`t know if Korean Squier necks would fit (can`t see why not) but they are very nice indeed, would recommend going down this route if possible. [/quote] I'm too sentimental to do this to my P Bass, anyway these MIJ Squiers are really nice, not sure it'd worth much split, may as well just sell and look for the right bass. Might just have to go through a few more in my search for budget p bass with raylike neck heaven....
  3. Hi Matski - no its an EB one - mid 90's.
  4. [quote name='Naetharu' timestamp='1446562518' post='2900322'] My advice would be to try and pick up a good quality used Squire Precision. You can get them for really reasonable prices and it'll be easy to sell on if it does not suit. I did just this for my first bass, and it was very nice. I had the 2011 Vintage Modified (basically it had a 'Designed by Duncan pickup). The only issue I had with it was that it was a bit on the heavy side for using in full 4-hour non-stop band practice/jam sessions. But then I doubt it was heavier than a Stingray so that should not be an issue. So long as you go for a 2nd hand one, of which there are loads about, you really cannot lose. They sell very quickly (mine shifted in about a week on Ebay) and you'll get all your money back so it's well worth a try. [/quote] This is pretty much been my strategy so far, so will just keep on going, as you say if you buy used you don't lose too much if you sell on. My stingray is actually quite fairly light, never weighed it but it feels lighter than all the P basses I have picked up so far. But weight isn't a huge issue for me as long as its not stupid. The VM squiers look good too, I'll add hose to the investigate list. Do they do any is ash or alder bodies or are they all basswood? Will have to try and locate some mexican P basses to try out too, they go pretty cheap sometimes.
  5. [quote name='Horizontalste' timestamp='1446561323' post='2900308'] I can recommend the cheap Dr Parts necks if you can find one. I think I bought mine from eBay, was unfinished all maple with dots & only needed minor fretwork. Was a very thick chunky profile very similar to my Ray. I had it on an old Yamaha & if I remember rightly it was about sixty quid. [/quote] Had a quick search but didn't find one available, will keep a look out. I'm probably unlikely to do it though, the MIJ Squier I have is a really nice bass, seems a real shame to split it. I'll probably just sell it like it is and then try something different.
  6. [quote name='Lo-E' timestamp='1446555709' post='2900234'] Now that I think about it, you could also get a wider neck for your Squier. Just a thought.... [/quote] Just occurred to me while I was typing that last post - where can you source decent P bass necks in the UK - or is just better to import a mighty mite from the US?
  7. [quote name='Lo-E' timestamp='1446555502' post='2900232'] Yes, for the most part, 'rays have a Precision neck profile. Bot Stingrays and Precisions have had variations in neck shapes over the years so I don't know what the likelyhood is of finding an exact match, but 'ray necks and P necks have a lot in common. Since you want to find a "beater" backup for your 'ray, have you considered the Sterling By Musicman basses instead of a Precision? [/quote] Considered, but I also want the option of having a P bass sound.
  8. [quote name='dannybuoy' timestamp='1446554668' post='2900226'] I thought a Stingray already had a similar profile to a Precision (and a Sterling more slim like a Jazz)? If your P with a J style neck is too thin, you either want to go for a standard P (42mm at the nut) or the fatter vintage style P neck (more like 47mm). The Matt Freeman is quite slim as P's go. If you want a chunky maple neck you should check out the Classic 50s, Road Worn or the Steve Harris sig (or American Vintage line but thats $). Are there any shops on the Isle of Wight where you can demo some? [/quote] That's what I thought when I first started looking at Precisions, I had just assumed that they were the same necks near enough as a Stingray, so it shouldn't be an issue. A stingray is 1 5/8s while the modern Fender P is only 1/16th bigger than that. We don't have a lot of music shops with any real stock on the Island, but I do get over to the mainland a fair bit (or England as its known to some...) so I will try a few as the opportunity arises. I've tried out a couple of American standard P basses, and they just don't have the same feeling. It's obviously some combination of the width and the profile. Do the bass necks with the skunk stripe on the back have a flatter profile? Might just be my perception. The ray has an even C shape profile while the Squier I have and the Fenders I've tried have more of a flat U shape. Thanks for the tips on basses to look at it - really got to be budget though, if Fender it would have to be used MIM or Squier. Maybe the answer is to get an unfinished C profile neck and finish in gunstock oil to feel like a EBMM? From what I can see online the Matt Freeman looks like it might have a similar neck shape
  9. HI Guys, I'm new to posting here even though I signed up an account years ago, so go easy on me! I'm after some P Bass wisdom. I have a stingray with flats that just suits me down to the ground, I love the sound and I haven't found any other bass that for me sits as nice in the hands and plays so well. That could just be because I've owned it so long I've just got muscle memory for this bass though... Anyway I also love the sound of P Basses, and what's more I'm always afraid to take the stingray anywhere it might get damaged or stolen etc. That's really just for sentimental reasons, although my ray does look like one of a kind, that could just be in the eye of the beholder. So I've looking for a budget but nice P bass to use as jam/travelling/backup bass. Are there any that have a similar neck profile/width to a Stingray? (maple fretboard even better!) I own a 90's MIJ Squier P with SDs and love the sound of that but it has a Jazz width neck, which I find just too small and it cramps my hands up. Will have to move this on before getting another P. I have also tried out an Ibanez Blazer and that seemed to feel really similar to the ray neck, but didn't take any measurements to back that up. These seem to be hard to get hold of now though. Been thinking of a Matt Freeman Squier - any other directions I should be looking at? MIM P Bass seem a bit hit and miss? Dan
  10. Just bought a RH450 off Marco, really smooth transaction, no messing around and really pleasant to deal with. Oh, and the amp is great too!
  11. Ah ok, that figures, thanks for the info.
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