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  1. Hey all So I run a 2u Ashdown head and I’m looking at getting a better flight case for it. Now, should I... a) Get a better 2u rack case (probably SKB) b) Get a 4u with a 2u drawer or c) something else... thanks for you thoughts
  2. That’s the next problem. Out of the box my wireless fits well in a 1u
  3. I can get a decent 3U for a good price and was going to chuck this in above it for transportation. i may stick with a 2u just to be sure.
  4. Hi there Always had a 2u case for a 2u amp. Will a 3U case hold a 2u amp securely. I want to use the extra space for storage when going to gigs. Thanks
  5. I have a 12” RM combo and absolutely love it. Definitely worth looking for one especially if you like your ABM
  6. Any chance you have any settings please?
  7. I have used my iPad to read music from for a number of years and have just been bought the latest iPad (not pro) for Christmas. Does anyone know ‪which model of K&M iPad mic stand holder fits the 2018 iPad please?‬
  8. Always interested on what order people think effects should go in. Well these are mine and their order: Bass Guitar Boss TU-2 Tuner EBS MultiComp Compressor EHX Bass Micro Synth Boss OC-2 Octaver EHX Bass Big Muff Nano Boss CE-2B Chorus Tech 21 SansAmp Amp Thoughts???
  9. [quote name='Lozz196' timestamp='1482311309' post='3199345'] Must admit an Ashdown ABM Evo amp-head is on my shopping list. I love the ABM cabs too, but they`re just a bit too heavy for me. [/quote] Well if you like ABM range you will like the RM range just as much. I have both, ABM rig and RM combo and I get the Ashdown sound from both with no compromise. Definitely worth a look.
  10. I fit mine into a 3door, old shape Clio. Good luck with yours!
  11. I recently finished a run of Avenue Q doubling on upright and electric. The K&M did an ok job.
  12. I have recently picked up a RM combo myself to replace my MarkBass. The positive feedback that I have had from audiences and sound technicians has been amazing. I have an ABM rig as well but the RM combo easily gives me the Ashdown sound that I want with absolutely no compromise!!!
  13. I think go for that sound that you want. If you can get that from MarkBass/Aguilar etc then great. Otherwise look at what makes your sound for you. I've started using the Ashdown RM series instead of the MarkBass that I was as that is the sound I hear in my head. Still lightweight I know, but a good few kilos heavier than I was using.
  14. Just thought that I would mention the Musicians Hearing Health Scheme. If you are a working player (and I'm not sure how loosely that needs to fit) then this scheme is brilliant! http://www.musicianshearingservices.co.uk/musicians-union/musicans-hearing-health-scheme/ Hearing check and custom made moulded earplugs for £40. Definitely worth investigating!!!
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