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  1. I have used my iPad to read music from for a number of years and have just been bought the latest iPad (not pro) for Christmas. Does anyone know ‪which model of K&M iPad mic stand holder fits the 2018 iPad please?‬
  2. Always interested on what order people think effects should go in. Well these are mine and their order: Bass Guitar Boss TU-2 Tuner EBS MultiComp Compressor EHX Bass Micro Synth Boss OC-2 Octaver EHX Bass Big Muff Nano Boss CE-2B Chorus Tech 21 SansAmp Amp Thoughts???
  3. [quote name='Lozz196' timestamp='1482311309' post='3199345'] Must admit an Ashdown ABM Evo amp-head is on my shopping list. I love the ABM cabs too, but they`re just a bit too heavy for me. [/quote] Well if you like ABM range you will like the RM range just as much. I have both, ABM rig and RM combo and I get the Ashdown sound from both with no compromise. Definitely worth a look.
  4. I fit mine into a 3door, old shape Clio. Good luck with yours!
  5. I recently finished a run of Avenue Q doubling on upright and electric. The K&M did an ok job.
  6. I have recently picked up a RM combo myself to replace my MarkBass. The positive feedback that I have had from audiences and sound technicians has been amazing. I have an ABM rig as well but the RM combo easily gives me the Ashdown sound that I want with absolutely no compromise!!!
  7. I think go for that sound that you want. If you can get that from MarkBass/Aguilar etc then great. Otherwise look at what makes your sound for you. I've started using the Ashdown RM series instead of the MarkBass that I was as that is the sound I hear in my head. Still lightweight I know, but a good few kilos heavier than I was using.
  8. Just thought that I would mention the Musicians Hearing Health Scheme. If you are a working player (and I'm not sure how loosely that needs to fit) then this scheme is brilliant! http://www.musicianshearingservices.co.uk/musicians-union/musicans-hearing-health-scheme/ Hearing check and custom made moulded earplugs for £40. Definitely worth investigating!!!
  9. Hey everyone, I have been bought a FV500H for Xmas to use as a volume pedal with my active and passive basses (inc Upright with Shadow p/up) and at best my effects chain will look like this - LS2 (Line selector) TU2 (Tuner) FV500 (Volume) and maybe an extra at the end (OC2, EBS Multicomp or whatever) Have I been bought the right one or should I send it back and get the Low Imedance model.
  10. alexmoore10

    Boss ME-6B

    Hey there! I recently bought the Boss ME-6B and was wondering if anyone else with this pedal had any good non factory settings they would like to share please? All help appreciated!
  11. Pit band for The Producers. Was amazing!
  12. Anyone know where I can get original pics of discontinued Fender basses please? Particularly the 99 American Deluxe Fretless in black. Fender weren't that helpful!
  13. Anyone know where I can get original pics of discontinued Fender basses please? Particularly the 99 American Deluxe Fretless in black. Fender weren't that helpful!
  14. In no particular order... Fender American Deluxe Jazz QMT V Fender American Vintage ‘62 Jazz Bass Reissue Fender American Deluxe Jazz Fretless CL Acoustic Bass Modulus Graphite Quantum IV Fender US Standard Jazz Bass Collection SB325 Bass Collection SB315 Fretless Westone Spectrum DX And a Boosey and Hawkes Excelsior Double Bass
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