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  1. So cool! Interested by a trade with my Lakland 44-94? https://www.zikinf.com/annonces/dispannonce.php?annonce=1641824 Greetings from France.
  2. Price drop again (and last) £1590 Bargain price!
  3. Final price drop £1670 + shipping, no negociable. Still no trade thanks.
  4. Still here, don't be shy! She's a great one!
  5. Why this message please? I don't want to "evade paying the Marketplace fee"!
  6. Bump, great week-end to everybody and keep groovin' !
  7. Price drop: 1780 GBP shipping cost included. Fixed price.
  8. Bump, no trade, thanks for all your propositions!
  9. Hi everybody, For sale is my lovely Lakland 4-94 Deluxe bass with witch I recorded a full LP you can free download with link below: almanak.fr/telechargement-hobo-mood or you can simply listen here: amazon.com/Hobo-Mood-Almanak/dp/B071ZWHMTF open.spotify.com/album/7su4PcYtRZkqyhwIjoOYNH Moreover you can hear the bass alone here: soundcloud.com/romaincarron39/test-lakland-deluxe-44-94-ebony It's a great bass which sound awesome and play like a dream. A true cameleon with killer Fender jazz bass sound but you can also sound like Musicman Stingray or Fender Precision basses, a very versatile instrument with real personality nevertheless. This one is a Deluxe model with special specs: https://www.lakland.com/44-94.htm - Ebony fingerboard - Mother of pearl inlays - Hipshot drop D tuner - AAAA flammed maple top - Swamp ash body (I think) - Quarter-Sawn Rock Maple with Graphite Reinforcement Bars Ebony fingerboard is a great idea cause you have the clarity combined with the warm sound of the Lakland pickups, a great balance with rich tone all other the neck, no dead spots. This wood give almost a unique grooooowl and deep lows with the drop D:-) Lakland usually use ebony for fretless necks. Weight of the baby is 9,47 lbs Great condition, no dings or cracks, just normal wear for a 10 years bass. Serial number is 844, she's born in 2008. Come with a Thomann tweed hardcase in great condition too. The bass is located in France but I'll ship everywhere with full insurrance for £60. Pics here: https://lightpics.net/a/djy Many thanks and keep groovin'!
  10. I bought a great Lakland bass to Marcus, great communication, he arranged courier for me and I received it very quickly. Great condition, great sound, Niiiiiiice!!
  11. Isa is a very nice person with always good basses for sale. You can buy confidently!
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