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  1. Lots of players use 5 or more, especially if we look @ modern Rap/Soul, Metal and any synth based Pop. But a 4 gets you most of the notes a 5 or 6 gives you, so for many the extra strings are not needed. But on any number you will find examples of greatness and lack therof, it’s in the fingers not the strings.

  2. 44 minutes ago, Ian McFly said:

    The aim of a cab-sim is to make you sound good if you use any sort of distortion/fuzz/od on your bass. If you play clean, then no problem. But a distorted bass sound straight to PA with no cab-sim sounds fizzy af. 

    And considering the fact that Darkglass is well-known for their distortions... then it makes sense for them to offer a stand-alone cab-sim. 

    Even a cab sim won’t hide an inability to phrase, timing etc. But I get what you are saying, I use a Helix with one of my bands, even with an 810 sim. 

  3. Clearly cab sim can have it's uses, if you are ampless, in-ear, direct it certainly helps. But marketing departments are making it sounds like we all need a sim to sound good. You need to practise to sound good, and then even an old school small amp will do just fine.

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  4. Just now, Ian McFly said:

    Guys, it’s not just a headphones amp, but mainly a cab sim with customisable IR’s. 

    You’ve got a lovely preamp with no cab sim? You use OD and distortion a lot and want to play straight into the PA without sounding like crap? Then this could be for you. Just stick it at the end of your pedalboard and use the built-in DI output. 

    Cab sim is one of those things that make me feel old. I never had cab sim in the 80, 90, 00 or even 10s and never had an issue sounding bad through a PA or without PA. Now all of a sudden I need a cab sim? Which in essence is just EQ for the most part.

    Mic your actual cab, better than a cabsim and cheaper it seems.

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  5. 631C5982-12AB-4561-BD88-36C0664ECED1.thumb.jpeg.760c021c14b64653d23e6997f8b22bfd.jpegJust did little bits today:

    - sanded and remodeled the headstock

    - stuck a bunch of dowels and toothpick into existing holes

    - cut several pieces of Zebrano to size so I can bookmatch them next time

    - finalised the body shape (shortened upper and lower horn a bit) ready for sanding/routing/contouring

    - procured a cheap and cheerful P pickup

    Not much worth snapping, but here are a few pics.



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  6. 1 hour ago, SpondonBassed said:

    The Zebrano would be a nice touch.  It emphasizes grain in the smaller area of the headstock where Ash might not reveal much grain.

    What does your son think?

    My son? Lego or Minecraft 😂

    But seriously....., he is just really happy Dad is building him a bass that is red. 

    Having slept on it, I am going to go with the Zebrano front and back headstock and do a front route for the control knobs and jack and do a Zebrano cavity cover (as small as possible) to hold them.

    As long as I keep the red “translucent” I think that’ll look nice.

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  7. This Ash is remarkably dense, I cannot remember ever having a piece this dense. My band saw was really struggling, but we got there in the end.

    Nice grain though.....

    Rough body shape done. And a pic of a cross cut of the Ash. Lovely... 😂

    Lots more to do...



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  8. Hmmmm, I am not at all sure about this..... body seems a little skinny. But then again that is what I think of Fender Mustangs too.

    It clearly needs a proper P pickup, that much is clear.819F222E-AC02-4161-B921-D8F6E1070555.thumb.jpeg.a07b19edbd7ab98ca280efc2bf7cb8d1.jpeg

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