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  1. I caved ....Helix HX ordered.

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    2. HazBeen


      To get to this point has been a journey... I owned a Bass Pod XL that was good and obviously have done the Boss multi several times over. Always felt that I missed something. But 10 years on even my B3n is just a really viable alternative for most custom pedals I own, perhaps the HX will mean DSP over analogue from here on in. Exciting and scary at the same time.

    3. owen


      Helix HX, Helix LT + Helix Full Fat. What is the difference? I know google will tell me, but real world is always more useful.

    4. LiamPodmore


      Owen as far as my reading tells me, HX is the effects section only and much smaller, LT is identical to the Helix software wise, just missing the scribble strips and less IO options.