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  1. I just bought a Warwick LWA1000, special deal on Thomann. £275 for a 2 channel 1000w class A preamp powerhouse. Bargain!


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    2. Nibody


      Are these any good? There is the usual moaning on Talkbass about them - I had persuaded my friend to sell me his retired SVT 3 Pro for a good price, but looking into this it could be just what I need (I run a Royal Blood type  set-up, so the "fake guitar" could run through the second channel with different EQ to the Bass side - would save me carting two rigs around). Cant buy both sadly.


    3. Nibody


      Well I guess Im going to find out.. my poor bank account...


    4. RichardH


      Interested to hear what you think! This should be a thread really!

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