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  1. I think the weight is correct- I'm actually away from home at the moment but I think that was the figure when I weighed it. It was less than I expected. As soon as I can I'll check. It's a shame they didn't bookmatch the flame maple or whatever it is but it does indeed look very nice- the subtle green tint is pretty cool.
  2. Perfect for posing! And actually quite a good bass, especially the fretless neck. Made in Korea (presumably South). I've gigged it a few times but it's mint. String spacing at the bridge is about 16.5mm on the fretted neck and 19mm on the fretless. Weighs 6.1Kg. Located in Barnet, north London.
  3. Just bought muzzer's NS Design. A complete pleasure to deal with :-) Highly recommended.
  4. Just bought an early 5 string Status from Steve- a complete pleasure to deal with.
  5. Strings too far apart for me I'm afraid but someone will really enjoy this. Get your dollars out, guys! GLWTS.
  6. I have one of these and it's the best thing since well before sliced bread. Whoever buys this will be extremely chuffed about it :-)
  7. Here is my truly groovy Galveston twin-neck. It's a bit odd in having a four string fretless neck and a 5-string fretted one, but actually I like it like that. It's passive, with VVTT controls and a top/bottom/both selector switch. NEW PRICE £350. I'm selling it not because I don't play it, but because I like the double neck concept so much I'm getting another one. And even I (apparently) don't need two twin-neck basses. So over to someone else. Despite the rudimentary electronics it sounds pretty good, and everyone who's played it loves it. I bought it new and it's always been in its case or round my neck (or someone else's), so it's in mint condition. The pheolic fretless fingerboard is particularly nice. Collection preferably from north London. Cat [s]optional[/s] not for sale.
  8. 16.5 is an option for just about everything, and if it was that spacing, I'd be on my way to Hull now :-) But I think most of them are 18mm.
  9. Thanks. IMHO any BXP is a bargain unless there's something seriously wrong with it. Now I've settled on the 5 string I have no absolutely intention of letting it go!
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