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  1. $669 + tax would be about £550 I guess, but the fact that the guy got the bass in December and is already selling it is a bit odd. And if you watch he other YouTube vids for jumpingjim, it's not the bass you'd immediately associate with him. But it takes all sorts I suppose!
  2. That body has been listed before, I'm certain. Maybe he's got a stash!
  3. In my case, apart from my Stingray, I have 3 straps, one with strap locks fitted, the other 2 without. Also have the original strap buttons, screws and screwdriver just in case! Also have a spare set of strings, clip on tuner, in ears, my wireless bug and a 2m Klotz lead. Since putting everything in a rack, I can literally plug in to the wall, connect the cab up, switch on the bug and I'm ready to go. Having said that, I still have 2 metal cases full of spare cables, tape, paracetamol, batteries etc
  4. Just wanted to get everybody's opinion. I've read mixed reviews on whether it actually makes a noticable difference, but for the sake of a couple of quid I'm sure I'll give it a go. Any thoughts or experience? Thanks guys
  5. By the way, I'm happy for the bands to suggest the numbers on the whole as it means that I get to learn styles hat I wouldnt normally listen to.
  6. Choosing songs? Don't get me started on that one! Too late! I have two bands. The first is a pub covers band. When we need new material, we run through a few suggestions on the iPod, and majority vote on which ones to do. Mine generally don't get chosen for some reason! My other band is a 14 piece Blues Brothers act, so if we are staying true to the act, we only have a back catalogue of maybe 50 to choose from. However, adding a second set of similar genres is a little more tricky. If we allowed all 14 to vote we'd never get anywhere, so we've appointed a committee headed of 5 to choose. In fairness, the others seem more than happy to follow. I think song choices are possibly one of the biggest causes of bands splitting up. Apart from maybe sleeping with the guitarists wife that is?!
  7. i have a local PMT by buy online via Dolphin (owned by PMT) because I had great customer service from one of the sales guys there. Thomann have always been prompt and efficient so use them too. Had a falling out with DV247 over a PA enquiry, so their name is mud in my house. If its just a straight purchase, I'd be happy using pretty much any of the large, well known online companies though.
  8. I bought one of the first ones in the UK and it is the one in the second picture.. There was a different version on the websites at the time, and the first image looks familiar, so I'd say that the guys are right and this was the pre-launch model. I'd be interested to see if there is a new one on the way. A terrific piece of kit, although bloody heavy! Dave
  9. Just had a look Standard jazz body, flame top and heel contoured with maple neck, £380 shipped (not painted) Seems like value
  10. So easy to get carried away on the Warmoth site! It seems like a really good service, so if the quality matches I'd be well chuffed.
  11. Probably a silly question, but if Squier is made to Fender spec, would a Squier neck be better than say, a Warmoth neck? You can get a complete squier jazz for a little more tha £100 on eBay or spend double that on a Warmoth from the factory. Thanks guys
  12. Looks like a nice bass but not really how I've envisaged mine. I think the satisfaction of a self build is a big attraction to though. Thanks for the reply though.
  13. .... I had to get carried away!! I've been fancying a 'real' jazz for a while as a companion to my Stingray. I was after a cherry red with rosewood neck, block inlays, matching headstock, but I think it's only the anniversary model that's like that. So the idea was to go for a Squier in cherry with rosewood, colour in the headstock, change the pick ups...... Hang on, this could get expensive, and I'd end up with a worthless bastardised jap jazz! Maybe I could make one from parts? So I looked for a body to have a finish put on locally. I live about 5 minutes from Dan Macpherson of DM Guitars, so I gave him a call to price it. What a lovely chap. We had a chat a couple of times no it seems a lot cheaper for him to make and finish a body, than to buy a Warmouth, have it shipped, pay the duty etc. then I can do the assembly, fit the hardware etc. I'm not one that can tell you what a bass is made from by the sound of it. Nor could I honestly say why one pickup sounds better than another. So based on the fact that my Ray sounds great, I decided to copy a few elements of their design in mine. So here's my plan (comments are welcomed) The body (probably ash like the Ray) will be a traditional jazz shape, routed from the back. It will have a flame maple veneer finished in a gloss tobacco burst. Pickup will be a single Stingray soapbar by Seymour Duncan with 3 way eq. I toyed with the idea of 2 pickups, but it works fine on my Ray with just the one, and it'll stop my endless fiddling on stage! Probably will go for a black Gotoh bridge, but maybe 4 individual saddles like the Shukers seem to favour? Neck will be a standard jazz profile (38mm at the nut?), matt finish, with a rosewood fretboard, dot markers on the side only, headstock to match the body, and black Gotoh tuners. And finally a set of DR black beauties to finish the job. I reckon that I should get a few quid change out of a grand, but it'll be totally mine without compromise, and I don't have to pay it all in one go. I can buy and fit the hardware as I please. I'm off to see Dan on Monday to finalise my body options, so I'll update the thread as I go. As I said, I get carried away, and have already decided that the next one will be a 5 string with a light trans blue quilted maple top with cream binding, maple neck and board with MOP block inlays, jazz pickups, chrome hardware.........
  14. Wouldn't it be easier just to hold the bass 4" further to the right across your body?!!!
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